Are you thinking about adding a new addition to the family? Or are you looking for a new best friend? Well, whatever it is, picking out a new dog can be very stressful. Let us help you relieve some of that stress and help you decide one of the biggest factors, your pup’s new name! We put together a list for the top male names of 2016 and another list of the top female names of 2016. Scroll down to get inspired!

Top Male Names:
1. Charlie- Who doesn’t know a dog named Charlie? Super cute and sweet name for your furry little boy.
2. Cooper- Fun fact: The name Cooper means “Barrel Maker.” Interesting but it makes the list at number two.
3. Max- Ranking in at number three on our list, Max ranks in at number five on the most popular Male Cat Names of 2016.
4. Oliver- A proper name for a proper dog.
5. Buddy- A very original but adorable name, Buddy in England means “friend” and if that doesn’t explain a dog then we don’t know what does.
6. Rocky- Some name their dogs after famous people. Rocky originates from Sylvester Stallone’s character in the famous movie “Rocky” and its five sequels.
7. Teddy- Everybody loves a teddy bear, are we right? Therefore everyone will love your Teddy.
8. Milo- Fun Fact: Milo in German means “mild, calm.” Might not explain a new puppy, but it sure is a cute name.
9. Tucker- A fun and unique name for your fun and unique new pup.
10. Bentley- Last but not least the name Bentley ranks in at number 10 on our list. If getting named after an expensive car doesn’t scream high class then we are not sure what does.

Top Female Names:
1. Bella- Bella is French for beautiful. Now that explains why it is number one on our list.
2. Lucy- Our personal favorite name of all time, Lucy ranks in at number two for popular names in 2016.
3. Luna- Fun Fact: In mythology, Luna is one of the names of Artemis the moon goddess.
4. Daisy With a name like Daisy, it can describe your new pup as bright and beautiful just like the flower.
5. Lola- Fun Fact: In Spanish, Lola is short for the name Delores which means “sorrows.” Different, but comes in at number five.
6. Sadie- Super sweet and cute, Sadie is the perfect name for your pup!
7. Molly- Molly is a famous name in England. Name your pup after the famous actress Molly Ringwald.
8. Stella- What comes to mind when you hear Stella? Your dog’s new name, duh.
9. Chloe- Chloe ranks in at number twenty in top baby names but for popular dog names, Chloe comes in at number nine.
10. Maggie- Fun Fact: In Scottish, Maggie means “Pearl.” That’s pretty unique if you ask us. Do you feel less stressed about picking the name of your new furry friend? We hope the answer is yes after you read our lists. For a little fun, we found a list of the Top 10 Silliest Pet Names. Maybe this will help too.

1. Neil Catrick Harris
2. Sir Leonardo ScraggleBottoms III
3. Sir Snuggles of Fluffington
4. Judas Stardust
5. Peppurrcorn VonPuskins
6. Professor McGonagal
7. Sugar Britches
8. Emoji
9. Sassafrass
10. Mooncake

Pretty funny right? Good luck in the name picking from all of us at Lucy Pet Foundation!