Lucy Pet® Dinner Rolls

• A Premium, Semi-moist Dog Food, great for Picky Eaters
• Available in 4 lb, 2 lb, and 2.75 oz sizes
• Replaces Canned Food: Slice, Chop, Mix in, or Full Feed
• Fresh ingredients you can see
• With Biotin to Support Healthy Skin & Coat
• With Taurine to Support a Healthy Heart and Healthy Eyes

Lucy Pet® Dinner Rolls Mom’s Meatloaf is a semi-moist dog food packed with nutrition and made with fresh ingredients you can see in every bite. They can replace canned food as a full feed or mixed with Lucy Pet® dry food for an extra special treat for your dog. You can slice or chop the roll and serve directly or add to dry food for picky eaters, older dogs, and weaning puppies. PLUS, no need to refrigerate until opened.

Proudly made in our own plant in Southern California by our team that has a long history of over 30 years manufacturing dog food rolls, we incorporate traditional methods with a modern culinary approach to the art of making dog food rolls. Formulated for optimum nutrition, a healthy coat and high energy. Our rolls can replace canned dog food, and are convenient and ready to eat.

Simply slice or chop the roll and serve to your dog or add to dry food for picky eaters, older dogs and weaning puppies. Enticing for even the pickiest of eaters with its tantalizing aroma, we guarantee your dog will love Lucy Pet® Dinner Roll.