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Lucy Pet Formulas For Life™ Food

Formulas For Life™ Food

We nourish your dog’s and cat’s total health, naturally.
Lucy Pet Formulas for Life™ is guided by science and
verified nutritional research, using natural ingredients.
We’re not based on trendy fads
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Lucy Pet Gut Health For Immunity

Gut Health For Immunity

The gut plays a key role in natural immunity to
disease, and maintaining a healthy gut can
contribute to a healthy dog or cat. New research
shows that having a variety and blend of  Read More…
Lucy Pet Cat Litter

Cats Incredible Litter™

Unlike some other litters on the market, Cats Incredible™ litter does not contain forms of borate or boric acid. Borates and boric acid are used in such products as laundry detergent, fungicides, insecticides Read More…

Lucy Pet Police K-9 Dogs

Police K-9 Dogs

Police working dogs serve and protect our communities
and often operate under highly stressful conditions.
Lucy Pet provides increased energy and mental acuity
to perform and focus at the highest levels Read More…

At Lucy Pet, We Believe That Every Pet Deserves The Very Best.

Lucy Pet Formulas for Life™ foods are developed by the world’s leading expert in animal nutrition and digestive health, Dr. George C. Fahey. Our foods are carefully formulated and manufactured for nutritional balance to ensure your pets are healthy from the inside out.

Lucy Pet’s Formulas for Life™ are made with high-quality ingredients are sourced locally and globally from reputable suppliers we know and trust and have worked with for years. Our foods have no duck meat by-products, no chicken meat by-products, no artificial preservatives, flavors or coloring, and are made without corn, wheat or soy.

All our products, from food, litter and shampoos and conditioners are manufactured in American facilities. We are committed to improving the lives of dogs and cats through innovative products with the latest advancements in health and well-being.

Meet Our Expert Team

The Benefits of Lucy Pet Formulas For Life™

Lucy Pet Formula for Life™ foods are precisely formulated to support a healthy digestive system. Our premium ingredients such as quinoa, pumpkin, chickpeas, sea kelp, etc. help to provide a balance of variety and nutrition to support a healthy gut environment.


Best stuff on the market for both dogs and cats. Makes my senior dogs act like puppies and the kitty litter eliminates odor as long as you start using it with a new litter box. Will not go back to my old brand.
Heidi Obey
Heidi Obey
My baby girls love Lucy Pet products!! Their favorite is the Duck and Potato. They have so much energy and less allergy issues since being on Lucy Pet food.
The cat litter is great. However. the plastic packaging leaves a lot to be desired. I have had 2 bags split open and dump litter all over the floor. A real mess to clean and vacuum up.
Mark Jaques
Mark Jaques
Have 3 dogs 18 year old Peke super fussy 3 year old Terrier Cocker mix n 12 week Pomeranian ........all Picky eaters. They gooble this up like a bowl full of treats. So pleased worth the drive and cost
Delisa Leeds
Delisa Leeds
I have been using Lucy Surfin Jack shampoo for 2 years now. When my local store stopped selling it I had to turn to an online retailer. We ordered two bottles of shampoo from a major online pet retailer, and the soap came spilled all over the box and watered down. After requesting a replacement from the store the replacement came back the same way. I sent a quick message to Lucy asking if they changed their formula or if the soap was suppose to be chunky and watery. Lucy quickly responded and shipped me two new bottles direct from their warehouse! They even gave us some samples of food and treats! This shampoo is amazing leaves the dogs smelling good, and the company actually cares about its customers. Thank you Lucy Pet Products!
I do not even know where to start when it comes to writing about Lucy Pet Products, the shampoo and conditioner is amazing. My puppy just loves taking baths and I will definitely recommend this product to anyone. Smells so great.
Destiny Laval
Destiny Laval
Hello Lucy,This is Yori from Sinofiz cat litter products(Dalian)Co.,ltd.we are a cat litter manufacturer.We have bentonite cat litter,pine wooden cat litter and tofu cat litter.Our website is http://www.sinofiz.comIs cat litter on your purchasing agenda?If you have any needs,contact me.Best regards,Yori Liu
💕Love Love Love 💕 Lucy pet products from the shampoo and conditions to the dog foodThe blue lightning shampoo brings my dogs colors out in their coats. They have never looked so good even after the groomersThey love your dog food will gobble it right up
I have been using the Cats Incredible cat litter for quite a while now. I have never found any that is better! I was so sad to find it is no longer being sold at PETCO, but did find I can get it elsewhere in Colorado Springs! It is absolutely the best out there. I've tried the "world's best", the ones made from pine, clay, etc. but this beats them all! Keep up the great work and thank you!
highly recommended
My dog and cats love the dry food and I like that it contains safe and healthy ingredients. I also wash my dog with the Berry Berry Smellicious shampoo and conditioner. It gives her a fresh smell and a shiny coat!
Love you guys. My dog rode the wave twice at the Arizona Pet Expo
My picky dogs like it! One dog has real digestive issues and throws up a lot. That seems to have stopped! When they are happy, I am happy!
The best dog food on the market!
The shampoo and leave in conditioner are wonderful for my dog who has so many skin allergies...and bonus, she comes out of the bath smelling like the Beach with the Surfin’ Jack scent!
Just received samples of Lucy Pet Products and my dog scarfed it down without hesitation. Can’t wait to try the other samples. I bought him peanut butter dog biscuits as a treat from another company and my Clover won’t eat it but he loved the Salmon, Pumpkin, Quinoa Formula from Lucy Pet Products as if it was a treat��
I love this food my cats love it. I even buy enough to feed to the stray cat in the parking lot of my apartment complex
On Saturday 2/10/18, went into Scraps Pet Food on Baring and there was the sweetest young lady who gave us some samples and told us about their product. After doing some research (and testing out the sample of puppy safe leave in spray conditioner, since our dog is in-between grooming appts) and doing a bit of research about the company, we really like what we've seen/used so far. Hopefully Scraps will be carrying more of their products soon!
Free samples from San Diego cat show are a HUGE hit with my VERY picky cat. I would like to purchase a BIG bag of the Salmon,Pumkin,Quinoa Formula. Very happy with the ingredients!
I'm very impressed with how our 17+ yr old wonder not only loves Lucy Pet Duck & Quinoa, I love it now also for the manner of change we're seeing in her overall appearance, engagement and sheer moments of joy once more at the sign of the leash in my hands. The only drawback is how she wants to eat earlier!! I am beginning to think that she's got that same feeling that I get when I get serious about eating super healthy, it's impacting me to the extent that I'm going to get myself back into that dietary mode. You've got me following my dog's lead, that is a sign of true success in my eyes. Thank you!
Wow. I stopped in to one of the Pet stores I shop in and there was a rep from Lucy Pet handing out samples. We chatted at length about the quality of the food and I decided to try it out on my dog. dog actually sorted out her regular food in her bowl (which she left on my kitchen floor), only to completely finish all of the Lucy food!I was very impressed and will purchase Lucy Pet food from now on.The only problem is that most pet stores do not carry the brand yet. Corrado's is the only one that I know of that does.
Really great shampoos and leave in sprays! Wonderful scents!
LUV the two handled bag, it makes carrying 25 pounds upstairs So much easier.The product is superior and there was no 'break in' period.
Great products, great company mission. They care about the pets and not the bottom line.
Our 2 rescued cats LOVE the cat food. They have healthier fur and have so much more energy. Thank you for making such an awesome product for our feline friends.
I have a picky pussy. We adopted her as a rescue from simply cats and she tried to starve herself . I force fed her for days, she got an iv from our wonderful feline vet and she was on apetite stimulants for 3 weeks. She loves lucy!!! Thanks for a great product!!!#
Amazing organization! Great products!! They really care abour our 4 legged family members:)
Lucy pet products has supported our group for two years now. What a wonderful company. So generous and such loving people. When we asked for a donation again this year they said YES!!!! Thank you Lucy pet products. Come in when this at the Clumber Spaniel Club of Southern California Specialty show raffle and auction on May 25 at the Mission Circuit. ��
Met your rep Kat today at Fountain Hills Petco. Loved taking about your amazing products and the Lavender Litter is a must.
Cat litter is preferred by my 4 cats. I have 2 litter boxes side by side. I filled one with Lucy litter and the other with our old litter. The Lucy box is always filled with their "business" while the other box just has a few deposits! Also, my black cat doesn't turn grey after scratching around in Lucy litter--this would make a great ad! Show a black cat go in a litter box, do his business, cover it up, exit the box as a grey cat, shake it off, and walk away black again. Then show a black cat using Lucy litter and she stays black! �
Love your site! I have a dog at home and Im sure Missy will love the free samples! Missy and I want to thank you very much!
I bought 2 bags of Cats Incredible Cat Litter at the Super Pet Expo... This litter is AMAZING!!! I have NOT smelled any Ammonia since I started using it!! Needless to say, I will CONTINUE to use their cat litter from here on out!!!! THANK YOU @lucypetproducts for making litter boxes tolerable & Ammonia Free!!!!
I just seen your Rose Parade Float #1 in my book!
BEST cat litter on the market.... Paws down! LOL!! If you have a cat and you have a litter box, you MUST try this litter!! Absolutely brilliant!
I'm so excited to have found you! So many great reviews. Thank goodness for KTLA.
I absolutely love the pupadubdub shampoo and conditioner and will never use any other product as this is the first that actually does eliminate the dog odor and has your babies smelling clean and fresh plus my 4 legged babies love it too as the condiment spray is the first that my dogs don't run from when trying to spray so that tells you how it feels for them .... Excellent product and thank you!
I work in a grooming salon and love your samples of the Apple Oatmeal cologne I got, well yesterday one of the reps knew that and brought me a big bottle and a big bottle of corresponding shampoo. I love it. The dogs look and smell great when leaving. She also gave me a sample bag of the unscented litter and let me tell you, I have 3 cats, 2 are strictly indoor and I haven't scooped the box since yesterday and you cannot smell it at all! No linger of ammonia, not even after a fresh poo, you can't smell anything! Definitely recommending it to everyone I know!
I work In a pet store so I have tried just about every litter out there and I couldn't go back to any other after using the cats incredible litter. It is awesome!
My favorite Lucy Pet product is the Surfin' Jack Shampoo and Conditioner! It smells like the beach and really helps when my lab is jumping in and out of my pool all day!
Best litter ever..i have tried them all and have 2 cats...this is amazing. I am moving to reno next week so im grabbing my 25 lb bag before i go.
Great Product! We really like this new litter, thanks for letting us know about it!