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FAQ Formulas For Life

How do I to Transition my pet to Lucy Pet Formulas for Life ™2019-06-07T18:58:35-07:00
The key to switching foods is to do it gradually, so your pet’s digestive system can adapt to our formula and nutrients. Start by replacing 20-25% of the current food you are feeding with Lucy Pet Formulas for Life. Each day, gradually increase the amount of new food and decrease the amount of the former food until your pet is eating only the new diet.

If your pet tends to have a sensitive stomach, allow up to 10-14 days to fully transition to Lucy Pet Formulas for Life™

In some instances, a pet can experience soft stools during the first week when you switch and transition to any new food. Lucy Pet Formulas for Life™ digest easily and most pets transition smoothly. However, if your pet’s stool becomes loose, it may be necessary to transition more gradually to the new diet.

Be sure to temporarily eliminate any treats or wet food for the first few days, and follow feeding guidelines closely. Lucy Pet diets may require different feeding quantities than the food you were previously feeding.

For your convenience, we have prepared a printable copy of these instructions. Click here to download a copy.

How does this product compare to a raw diet?2019-06-07T18:57:55-07:00

There is really no comparison when it comes to raw vs. kibble dog food. The health and safety concerns of a raw food diet, coupled with its inconvenience and high cost, make it an impractical option for most dog or cat owners. Kibble offers an array of benefits without compromising nutrition, price, convenience, or pet safety. To read more see our blog post: https://www.lucypetproducts.com/raw-vs-kibble

Does Lucy Pet offer any products for pets with food sensitivities?2019-06-07T18:57:37-07:00

Yes. Our Limited Ingredient Diet Duck & Potato formula is an excellent choice for dogs with food sensitivities.

Does Lucy Pet offer coupons?2019-06-07T18:57:20-07:00

If you join our Lucy’s Friends e-mail list you will receive exclusive offers and advance distribution of money saving coupons and promotions. Periodically we also offer coupons and special offers from our Facebook page. You can “like” us on Facebook at Lucy Pet Products to view rebates, coupons or promotions that are made available to the public.

Does Lucy Pet have a frequent buyer program?2019-06-07T18:57:00-07:00

The program rewards you a free bag of food or litter, after the purchase of 12 bags in a 12-month period. The free item must be the same size as the prior 12 bags purchased. You may change the formula within size. There are two ways you can participate and earn a free bag of food or litter. 1. Shop online at LucyPetProducts.com/shop or 2. Purchase the 12 bags at a participating independent pet specialty retail store. Please note: To be eligible to redeem a free item, all 12 purchases must be made within the same channel (either all 12 online at LucyPetProducts.com or all 12 purchased in a pet store). We regret that we are unable to track purchases made in a pet store to apply toward online purchases. We are not able to apply purchases from other online websites toward the redemption of a free bag as part of the Lucy Pet Rewards Program.

Is Lucy Pet available for purchase online?2019-06-07T18:56:45-07:00

Our products are available through pet specialty retail stores and online from our own website LucyPetProducts.com, Amazon.com and Chewy.com

Pets with medical conditions2019-06-07T18:56:28-07:00

Lucy Pet formulas are not designed to address any specific medical condition. We advise that you consult your veterinarian regarding any specific health issues.

Does Lucy Pet pet food contain any meat by-products?2019-06-07T18:56:08-07:00

No. Lucy Pet Formulas for Life does not include any meat by-products.

What are the phosphorus and magnesium levels in your dry cat food?2019-11-04T12:05:01-08:00

Our dry cat food is formulated to meet all life stages, from a kitten, adult, and senior ages. The phosphorus levels are .29 grams per oz. and magnesium level is .17%, on an as fed basis, which is in accordance with AAFCO guidelines for feline nutrition. This diet is formulated for healthy cats and is not intended for cats with specific dietary restrictions. If your cat is on a restricted diet, consult your veterinarian to discuss if these levels meet their specific needs.

Is your cat formula low ash?2019-06-07T19:03:01-07:00