Many known disorders such as leaky gut and IBS can be combated with the proper blend and variety of these prebiotic fibers, which helps lower ph levels, and creates a healthy gut environment through the growth of beneficial bacteria and natural probiotics in the gut. This will enable a healthier life as your pet ages, keeping your pup stronger for longer!

Advancements in research allow us to confidently answer, YES, to this question. My dog, Maddie, suffered from a nasty skin condition and hair loss. However, starting her on Lucy Pet Formulas changed her life.

A recently as just twenty years ago, the use of poor quality, inferior, cheap ingredients were commonly incorporated into most dog food brands. Poor quality food, plus tendencies to overfeed and over-treat lead to overweight and unhealthy dogs. Obesity is still the number one health issue in pets today, leaving them more susceptible to illness, fatigue, allergies, hair loss, skin issues, diabetes, and other diseases.

Fast forward just a few years and we today there is research that shows a better option for pet nutrition. Forty years of nutrition research at the University of Illinois by Dr. George C Fahey have shown that the use of Prebiotic Balanced Fibers in the diet of dogs and cats creates the perfect environment for good gut flora, which can lead to better overall health.

The ‘Gut flora’ is important to overall health and immunity in our furry friends. Research also shows us that good gut health is a key driver for immunity. Consuming a proper blend and ratio of prebiotic fiber in the diet protects the body from toxins and harmful bugs becoming absorbed into the bloodstream.

Written By Michelle S