One thing that many cat owners don’t realize is that their little furry friend is letting off a potential dangerous invisible gas. *Gasp* How you ask? Well, every time your cat uses the little girls or little boys room a.k.a. their litter box, their urine is very concentrated which causes the obvious bad smell and the release of this dangerous gas. Keep reading to see what the gas is, what the symptoms are and steps to avoid this from potentially hurting you.

This potentially dangerous gas is called ammonia. Ammonia (NH3) is an invisible toxic gas released from your cat’s urine and gets exposed to the air in which you breathe. With cat’s being a popular pet for the elderly and growing families, small children and seniors are the ones that are at most risk. Strong exposure to ammonia can cause serious illnesses such as bronchitis, burns to the trachea, lung irritation and in severe situations, death. These are some major illness but don’t be too scared because a healthy cat’s urine contains about .05 percent of ammonia. Yet, being exposed to a small amount for a long period of time can cause some minor irritations.

Here are some symptoms that may occur:

● Headaches

● Coughing

● Sore Throat

● Dizziness

● Runny or Burning nose

● Burning Respiratory Tract

People who have cat allergies often experience these symptoms but here is a little fun fact, in most cases, people are allergic to cat urine and not know it.

If any of this has scared you or worried you, don’t let it because we have a few suggestions and options for you to help eliminate the ammonia from the air you breathe. Here at Lucy Pet, we have developed a litter with a smell squashing technology that prevents ammonia from forming.Virtually eliminating your exposure to ammonia for good.

Here are some tips on how you can care for your litter box:

● Change litter frequently

● One litter box per cat

● Remove clumpy litter daily and replace

● Make sure to have a few inches of litter in your box

● Clean the box weekly with soap or bleach and dry completely

Ammonia can become a serious condition if not taken seriously. Here at Lucy Pet, we are helping eliminate ammonia one-liter box at a time.