We’re happy to say that our new Lucy Pet food has started shipping to local independent pet specialty stores across the US. Every week we will update our store locator with the retailers who carry our line of Formulas for Life dog and cat food.  
Now we’re busy getting the word out about Gut Health for cats and dogs. It’s a serious message but we have an eye-catching approach with a new commercial. We’re not promising our food will make your pet learn how to surf, but we do know how it will benefit their gut for overall health. 
Pet parents already report seeing increased energy in their pets, better poop, shiny coat and healthy looking skin, and lip-smacking pets who enjoy eating Lucy Pet foods!
We filmed this commercial in beautiful Malibu, California, with dogs and cats surfing the Lucy Pet Gnarly Crankin’ Mobile Wave Maker. Our founder and President, Joey Herrick was having so much fun with his own pets, and some of Lucy’s pals, all surfing for fun while the cameras were rolling. 
Good nutrition is very important, and we want you to know that we take it seriously. Our formulas include on the very best ingredients, and we mean it! Lucy Pet foods are not only made with natural ingredients and grain-free, but we also use absolutely no ingredients from China, including vitamins and minerals. We conduct some of the most extensive safety testing in the industry to give you peace of mind with what you feed your pet. 
Our biggest point of difference is our P.B.F. Prebiotic Balanced Fiber blend. We know from working with the world’s leading nutrition experts that a variety of fibers and prebiotics combined with high-quality proteins, fats, and complex carbohydrates will help your pet thrive. Gut Health is a relatively new term but scientists now know that it is the key to overall good health. Your dog and cat need good gut health to be healthy and strong to help fend off disease and other challenges to the immune system. Lucy Pet Formulas for Life foods give your pet the first line of defense in being healthy.
That is a lot to convey in a commercial, but we found a fun way to catch attention and share important information about better health. It features surfing dogs and cats who all eat Lucy Pet Formulas for Life foods. Check out our fun commercial to see for yourself.