The day has finally arrived, our new Lucy Pet cat food and dog food started shipping to pet specialty retailers across North America. Many retailers already placed their early orders and have been patiently waiting for our first production runs to be available this week.
Our standard procedure is that every production run is held at the warehouse for Quality Assurance Program inspections. Nothing leaves the warehouse until a series of quality checks are completed. This gives consumers peace of mind that about our food. We first run safety tests at the laboratory for 9 known contaminants. We also perform inspections of kibble shape, texture, color and aroma. Finally, we check the exterior packaging, velcro closures, and the bag heat seals. Once everything clears our strict Quality Assurance Program, we release our Lucy Pet food for shipping. 
The anticipation of our new Lucy Pet food was too much for some pet parents to wait for it to arrive at their local pet shop. We started to receive a number of phone calls from consumers, who were delighted to hear we finally started shipping Lucy Pet food this week.
One customer, from New York City, said she saw us at the recent “Adoptapalooza” event at Union Square in Manhattan. She received a sample of our Lucy Pet cat food, and gave it to her cat “Mr. Whiskers”. Apparently, Mr. Whiskers loved our Lucy Pet cat food so much, she placed an order on so she could get a bag right away. We are happy to report that Mr. Whiskers was the first recipient of Lucy Pet cat food this past Tuesday.
Since then, our website has been buzzing with activity, particularly with cat owners who are clamoring for a bag of Lucy Pet cat food. Our customer care team have been receiving phone calls as well. We’ve been referring consumers to the list of local pet specialty retailers who will be carrying the new Lucy Pet dog food and Lucy Pet cat food in their stores.
Since Lucy Pet food is only available at pet specialty stores, you can ask your favorite local pet store to order it for you. If you need help finding a retailer check our website, or contact us directly.