dogSome breeds of dogs have a sense of smell that is one hundred million times that of their human counterparts.  While this sense of smell is a useful skill for hunting, surviving, protecting themselves and their owners, and a wide array of different things it also means that your dog can smell itself at a level we can’t even begin to imagine.

There are a few ways to keep your dog smelling fresh, which is better for them and more enjoyable for you!

Wash your pup with the Lucy Pet dog shampoo – and use a conditioner that will keep their coat soft and moisturized. With many scents and different moisturizers or treatments for their coat and skin, they are great to use when you regularly wash your dog. Pair this up with a spray on leave-in conditioner and your pup will thank you!

Keep their paws clean and dry. When you’ve taken your dog out in the rain or snow – it’s important to dry their paws before they come inside. Bacteria loves dark, wet, and warm places – this makes the areas between the pups paw pads the best place to breed bacteria that will begin to smell.

Brush your dog regularly. Brushing will remove loose dirt and dander, as well as spread the oil from their skin throughout their coat. This will help keep your dog smelling as good as they can between baths.

Don’t neglect their mouth! Brushing your dog’s teeth may not be your favorite part of taking care of four-legged friend, but bad breath is something that can quickly be handled with dogs. At a minimum you should brush your pup’s teeth with every bath, but if you notice that bad breath has returned between baths brush them more regularly.

These quick tips will have your dog smelling fresh and so clean – and who doesn’t want to cuddle up with a dog that smells great and feels so soft?

Alena Chandler

Independent Consultant – Perfectly Posh

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