cat-468232_1920Did you know that the pet of choice in the US is the cat and there are an estimated 85 million of them! Many city dwellers prefer a cat as their pet of choice due to the lack of yard space, and let’s face it, you don’t have to walk a cat. Plus cats groom themselves and sleep an average of 15 hours each day.

As a veterinarian, I not only think of the health of my four-legged patients but the two legged owners as well!!  This week Lucy Pet will be in New York City auditioning dogs to surf in our Lucy Pet’s Gnarly Crankin K-9 WaveMaker and it got me thinking about all the cats that also live in New York City.  There are approximately a half a million domestic cats living in New York City! I tell my patients that live in apartments with cats to not stress about square footage because cats make use of vertical space, however, you do need to worry about your litter box. Some apartments are only 300 square feet so it’s very important to have an ammonia free litter box. Ammonia can be toxic to your cat and you, especially in small living spaces! The only way I know to do that is to use Cats Incredible Cat Litter!  It has an additive called “smell squasher” (a breakthrough non-toxic  technology from Dow chemical), that prevents ammonia from forming! At very low levels, ammonia can cause eye, nose, throat, lung and skin irritation. At higher levels, it can cause nausea and vomiting with an intense burning of the eyes, nose throat, skin and even death. With Cats Incredible, cat owners can rest assured knowing that their cat’s litter box is providing a safe, ammonia-free environment for both cats and their owners!

by Doc Halligan