There are important things to keep in mind when finding a good location for your cat’s litter box. Many cats like their privacy, to have their box in a place with enough space to keep the area smelling fresh, and to have their litter box in a convenient place they can make it too quickly when they have to go.

  1. Cats like to have their litter boxes in low-traffic areas that are also unobstructed views. This will allow the cats to comfortably relieve themselves, while also being able to see any threats while they take care of their business.
  2. Kittens like their litter boxes to be in well-lit areas – if we don’t like using the restroom in a dark room we can’t assume our feline friends will either.
  3. Pick a room in or near where you will spend a lot of time in. If your pet feels at ease in the room they’re more likely to use the litter box there.
  4. Put the litter box in plain sight and make it easy to access. There are a lot of litter box hacks on Pinterest that give suggestions on how to camouflage the litterbox within a cabinet or other built in to make it more visually appealing for humans, however, these can make the litter box less appealing to your cat.

No matter where you put your cat’s litter box, remember that it’s best to have one for each cat plus an extra for them to use.  We recommend using Cat Incredible litter – it is clay based and will not only be extra absorbent while low on dust, it also is known for cutting down on the amount of ammonia that can build up in a litter box.

Alena Chandler

Independent Consultant – Perfectly Posh

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