[spacer height=”15px”] For all the pet lovers out there looking to spoil your furry family members with gifts this year, you’ve come to the right place.

We know you want this to be perfect. You want your little pup or kitty to open up their gifts on Christmas day to the greatest surprises so you can see their faces light up and they smother you with kisses all day long.  Bones, treats, ropes, and squeaky toys galore!

Well, good news for you, your pet’s face will light up the moment you wake up in the morning, and they will smother you with kisses just for taking them outside for a routine walk. These Christmas gifts are just a bonus. So, no pressure. But here are some great holiday gift ideas for your pets, because although they may not need it to be happy, they sure do deserve it.

  1. A bone is a no-brainer. A flavored bone is even more of a treat. Rawhide, plush, plastic, whatever your pup enjoys, is always a great gift.
  2. Speaking of treats, Lucy Pet’s Delicious Dog or Cat Food Holiday Gift Basket is the perfect gift for your always-hungry furbabies. With a voucher for one free bag of Lucy Pet Formulas for Life dog food, three various flavor food samples, and coupons for food and shampoo, you’ve got an amazing gift for you… that your pet will obviously love too.
  3. A ball of yarn. Quick, easy, and your kitty will love it.
  4. A teepee bed. This can be a “unipet” option, for the little pups out there, as well as the kitties. We all need some alone time.
  5. A regular, cozy bed. Or make it extraordinary and get a heated bed!
  6. A clean pup is a happy pup…well, at least after the bath. If you haven’t tried Lucy Pet Products Shampoo and Conditioner Sprays, our Sampler Pack is the best way to find your favorite fragrance. The Sampler Pack includes small sizes of all of our scents. This is great for first-time customers who may not have a favorite yet. And for returning customers who know and love Lucy Pet Products already, check out our full sized Shampoo and Conditioner gift baskets.
  7. You can’t beat a rope for your dog! They come in all sizes and shapes, and even designs. Try one with a plush squeaky toy attached and you’ve got yourself a two-in-one incredible gift.
  8. Cats love to jump, climb, and lay. Mix it all together and get a cat hammock.
  9. The practical stuff—you know what I’m talking about—the new personalized collar, the cute set of stainless steel dishes, an adorable festive outfit. These “pet gifts” are really just gifts for yourself, but why not. It’s Christmas for all of us.
  10. BUT there is a way to make that cute set of dishes fun for your pet as well. Try a puzzle food bowl. It hides your dog’s food in different compartments so that your dog has to figure out how to get to it. Playing and eating?! Sounds like a fun time for any dog.
  11. A gift for you and a gift for them. Sounds fair to me. Lucy Pet’s Holiday Dog Food and Grooming Gift Stocking keep your pep clean and fed, and your house decorated. Inside the stocking are our Big Apple Oatmeal Shampoo and Leave-In Conditioner, a voucher for a free bag of Formulas for Life dog food, and food samples of various flavors.
  12. Lastly, combine practicality with a surprise factor, and you get a Dog Toy of the Month Club Membership! This may be another thing your dog doesn’t necessarily understand, but when Fido gets a new toy every month, the holidays extend past December!

These are just a few fun gift ideas for you and your pet to enjoy. No amount of gifts can live up to the love our pets give us every day. But we can at least try. Happy Holidays!