Pets have a tendency to get into little messes from time to time. I mean, who could blame them, they’re curious creatures! To help you wash away all that backyard mud, grass grime, and those mysterious odors, we developed a line of pet shampoo and conditioner products that are effective and safe for all furry friends.

All of our cat and dog shampoos and conditioners are specially formulated to provide natural moisture to your pet’s coat while also being sensitive enough for regular use. Whether you choose a bottle of our Surfin Jack™ Coconut line or our Purple Rain™ lavender products, all of our pet shampoo products will leave your four-legged friend looking and smelling their best.

Dog & Cat Shampoo That Works

Your dog’s health is our number one priority. That’s why we’ve made all of our cat and dog shampoo products with skin soothing ingredients to help avoid skin irritation, dry flaky skin, itching, and other skin issues. We use blend of mild natural coconut oil cleansers with moisturizing sunflower seed oil plus rehydrating revitalizing coconut water to add shine and suppleness to your dog’s coat.

When it’s time to get your pup in the tub, start with one of our great-smelling shampoo products to really get the coat clean. Lather your dog’s body with a small amount of the shampoo and then rinse thoroughly before drying with a towel. The process is simple- wash, rinse, dry, and you’re done! To provide added moisture to the skin and coat, mist on a layer of our leave-in conditioning spray. Not only will this condition and detangle the coat, but it will also leave them with a wonderful and fresh smell! This pet shampoo and conditioner combo is the perfect dynamic duo for all your regular washes.

When it comes to bathtime, our dog and cat shampoo and conditioner will be your partner in crime in getting your pet squeaky clean!  Whether you want to soothe dry flaky skin or just to smell like a tropical oasis, these products will be able to take on any job.

Shop our complete line of pet shampoo and conditioner products to find the best scent for you and your furry friend!