Please Note: As of December 1st, 2021 we no longer offer our Cat’s Incredible litter for sale on our website.

 Unfortunately, our Cat’s Incredible litter is out of stock due to distribution delays and supply chain shortages across the country as a residual effect of the pandemic. 

Cats can be finicky creatures, even when it comes to their litter. That’s why it’s so important to only use a high-quality litter that your cat feels comfortable using several times per day.

With so many brands and different marketing claims, it can be hard to know which cat litter product is best for your cat’s health when sorting through so many different types of litter that are currently on the market. At Lucy Pet, we’ve developed a type of clay cat litter formulated to prevent odors in the litter box so it is fresh, pleasant and devoid of harmful ammonia time and time again.

If you are looking for the best cat litter for odor control, Lucy Pet has got you covered. Our natural cat litter is pet safe, non toxic, very low dust free, and eco-friendly, and highly effective product for all feline friends. From kittens to mature felines and everything in between, this natural litter will keep you home smelling fresh and clean. It works so well, “Your friends won’t know you have cats™”.

A Difference You Can See With Our Non Toxic Cat Litter

Our eco-friendly cat litter comes in two different varieties: light lavender and non-scented litter. Regardless of which type of litter you choose, we can guarantee that you won’t have to deal with that ammonia smell ever again. With our unique Smell Squasher technology, our clay-based cat litter is able to prevent ammonia before it even has a chance to develop. For those that are looking for an added boost of freshness, we also offer a lightly lavender-infused litter that leaves behind a calming and pleasant scent.

This clay cat litter offers superior odor control, clumps well and is super absorbent. Not only will it keep your cat comfortable, but you’ll also be happy that you don’t have to worry about the infamous nasty litter box smell perfuming a room!

If you’re looking for a product that naturally offers superior odor control that’s virtually free of dust and harmful borates or nasty chemicals, our cat litter products have got you covered. Keep your cat’s litter box clean and odor-free by using our super absorbent and non tracking Cats Incredible™ brand of products from Lucy Pet today! Choose between our scented and unscented products to find one that works best for you and your furry friend.