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Lucy Pet – The Best Healthy & Natural Dog Treats

Our nutritious and healthy dog treats mean that treat time can now be entirely guilt-free. Find out more about our delicious Hip To Be Square Dog Treats, then order yours today!

Our Healthy Snacks For Dogs Make Treat Time Guilt Free

Want to spoil your dog without worrying what’s in their treats? Now you can with these natural dog treats from Lucy Pet!

Made with real, simple ingredients, grown right here in California, your pet will love the delicious flavors of our tasty little square-shaped dog treats.

Best of all, our natural pet treats are made in small batches without corn, wheat, soy or any grains—so you can rest easy knowing you’re feeding your pet only the best ingredients possible.

Our healthy snacks for dogs make it easy to reward your pet any time! Lucy Pet’s dog snacks are made with the same commitment to your pet’s health as our Formulas for Life Dog Foods, so whether it’s mealtime or treat time, we promise your canine companion will be begging for more!

Our Dog Snacks Are Different

What you feed your dog on a daily basis can have a major impact on their overall health. That’s why we’ve created healthy dog treats that avoid artificial colors, flavors or chemical preservatives. Our treats, like our dog foods, instead focus on providing only what matters most – natural, wholesome, simple and limited ingredients.

Every ingredient we use in our all-natural, low-calorie dog treats is responsibly sourced and comes from trusted providers. Premium proteins are the very first ingredient. We even know the farmers who grow our pumpkin right here in California, and we spend the extra effort on this ingredient sourcing to provide pet parents with the confidence and peace of mind they need when it comes time to feeding their canine companion.

Our Lucy Pet Hip to Be Square Dog Treats™ are natural, healthy, meaty, tasty, and ideal for puppies, adults and senior dogs. They break easily for small breeds, too.

Looking to show your furry friend some extra lovin’? Our healthy dog training treats are the perfect way to do it! These nutritious dog treats add only useful ingredients into your dog’s diet, and are entirely free of harmful additives or fillers. Spoil your dog by bringing home a bag of our natural dog treats today!

Our Dog Chews Come With Added Benefits

At Lucy Pet, we take nutrition seriously, going a step further than everyone else to ensure that we’re offering the best dog training treats on the market.

Why? Because your pet is worth it and we want to help you raise a strong and healthy pup! Our natural, meaty dog treats don’t contain anything that isn’t useful for their overall health.

Lucy Pet is Simple and Convenient

  • We make it easy for you to get the best dog training treats!
  • All of our formulas are available for Autoship directly from our website, so you’ll never run out of food, and you’ll save an additional 5% every single time you order.
  • Our dog treats come in conveniently-sized stay-fresh bags, so you can pamper your pooch on the go!
  • Our Limited Ingredient Dog Treats

Lucy Pet offers choices for every diet!

We offer small dog treats made with three different kinds of protein, as some pets prefer different flavors, but you’re certain to find one that your dog enjoys. Our treats use fewer ingredients, so your pet will have everything they need to thrive, and nothing they don’t!

Salmon and Pumpkin Dog Treats

Lucy Pet’s Hip to Be Square™ Salmon and Pumpkin Dog Treats are meaty, chewy, semi-moist natural treats, made in the USA. They are perfect for pets with food sensitivities!

Duck & Pumpkin Dog Treats

Lucy Pet’s Hip to Be Square™ Duck and Pumpkin Dog Treats are meaty, chewy, semi-moist natural treats. We use fresh duck from the USA and pumpkin grown in California to pack in the flavor!

Chicken & Pumpkin Dog Treats

Lucy Pet’s Hip to Be Square™ Chicken and Pumpkin Dog Treats are meaty, chewy, semi-moist natural treats, made in the USA. Our blend of Chickpeas and Pumpkin provides healthy fiber, so even treat time can help maintain your dog’s healthy diet!

Discover Lucy Pet For Yourself!

Find out just what makes Lucy Pet the best choice for your dog. Switch your dog to Lucy Pet and experience the difference of feeding your dog the best natural dog treats on the market!