Cats incredible Litter
Cats incredible litter


Unlike some other litters on the market, Cats Incredible™ litter does not contain forms of borate or boric acid. Borates and boric acid are used in such products as laundry detergent, fungicides, insecticides, and teeth bleaching chemicals.  Studies have shown that borates can be irritants to the eyes and skin. Chronic exposure to borates can produce eye irritation, cough, and skin rash.  Higher doses of exposure have been linked with seizures and convulsion.  In some countries, including the European Union, borates are considered to be a class 1B carcinogen and mutagen and have been banned in the use of all personal and cosmetic applications.  Therefore, we would not use borates in our Cats Incredible™ formulas.

On 6/11/15, the European Chemicals Agency elected to include boric acid and sodium tetraborate or borax, to its list of chemicals of very high concern in Article 57 in Annex XIV of the REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals) Regulation. The EU Chemical Agency has given these molecules the classification of Category 1B, carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction.

Many countries including Indonesia, Canada, and Europe have banned or warned against the use of these molecules in cosmetics, household cleaners, and pesticides due to overexposure, which leads to developmental and reproductive health effects. Europe has banned with no exception the use in cosmetic products

Cats Incredible™ clumping cat litter has Smell Squasher™ technology that actually prevents ammonia from forming in the litter box. Our low dust, low tracking formula is non-toxic, pet safe and long lasting. 

We start with natural, super premium grade sodium bentonite clumping clay from the USA which produces firm, easy-to-scoop clumps. Available in Unscented and Light Lavender scent. 

  • Patented Smell Squasher™ technology helps to stop the formation of ammonia—a key contributor to litter box odors
  • Designed to help keep your litter box fresher and your home smelling cleaner, without an additional scent.
  • Quick-clumping formula makes cleanup easier than ever.
  • Studies show Cats Incredible™ keeps ammonia at undetectable levels, even after 10 days.

Eliminates Ammonia

Eliminates Ammonia

Ammonia quickly builds up in both ordinary clay and alternative litters. This can cause respiratory illness, digestive problems, and other ailments in cats. Studies show Cats Incredible kept ammonia at undetectable levels even after 10 days of use.

Attractive to Cats & Safe

Attractive to Cats & Safe

Cats Incredible is made with sodium bentonite clay, which cats prefer. Our ammonia-blocking technology also keeps finicky cats happy and consistently using their litter box. Plus, pet safe Cats Incredible is appropriate for use with all cats, even those with sensitivities.

Eradicates Odor

Eradicates Odor

Ammonia is the main source of unpleasant litter box odors. Without ammonia, the litter box stays fresher longer, keeping your home smelling clean!


Cats Incredible™ has breakthrough patent-pending technology that prevents ammonia from forming in the litter box!

Ammonia, the source of that pungent smell, is a reaction between your cat’s urine and bacteria.
Cats Incredible™ is The litter that STOPS ammonia from being able to form!