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Lucy Pet Formulas – The Best Natural Bagged & Canned Dog Food

Our Formulas for Life Dog Foods include everything your pet needs to thrive, and nothing they don’t. Get the best dog food today at Lucy Pet Foods!

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What Makes our Dog Food Healthy?

Did you know that some low-end brands of pet food use artificial flavors, chemicals and colors in their formula that can be potentially unhealthy?

It can be difficult to determine which dog foods, and even which ingredients, are the best for your pup, especially with all the marketing campaigns being promoted by so many different brands. Some of our competitors try to imply that their diets are healthy by showing vegetables or a piece of meat on the label, when in fact the food barely has any nutrient value from those items pictured on the package.

Just like with humans, it’s important that you read the ingredient labels before selecting the right food for your canine companion. However, that alone isn’t always enough to make a good choice. We also suggest spending some time reading the company’s website. What do they emphasize? What don’t they talk about? Are they focused on marketing trends or do they emphasize science and nutrition?

To make your life easier, Lucy Pet Foods is very transparent about our approach to proper nutrition. Working with the very best nutritionists in the country, we precisely formulated a line of nutritious foods made with premium, natural ingredients that deliver the exact nutrition your pet needs.

But that’s not all, because our foods are also delicious as well – so it’s not just good dog food, it’s perfectly suited for what your furry friend both wants and needs! That’s why Lucy Pet Foods is widely regarded as offering the best dog food on the market!

What Makes Our Premium Protein Dog Food So Different?

Your dog deserves the very best, especially when it comes to their diet.

That’s why we’ve created a line of super premium natural dog foods that are supportive of your dog’s nutritional needs. It’s carefully formulated for all breeds and life stages, including the growth of large dogs. Our easy-to-chew kibble is perfect for small breeds as well as large breeds.

Our premium protein dog foods also contain all of the essential vitamins and minerals added to support your pet’s proper health. Lucy Pet Formulas for Life™ are free of artificial colors and chemical flavors, as we’ve chosen to focus on what matters most instead: providing wholesome ingredients designed for optimal gut health.

Our dog food products also include real ingredients, like quinoa, pumpkin, sea kelp, vegetables and other superfood ingredients sourced from the USA to support every stage of life and help increase the odds that your dog remains as healthy as possible. All of our formulas are free of mystery meat by-products, giving your pup the very best quality proteins for the amino acids they require for nutritional support.

What makes our holistic dog food truly different, however, is that our nutrition experts are led by the highly acclaimed and published nutritionist Dr. George C. Fahey, who has precisely formulated our foods to promote gut health and better digestion. A healthy gut is the first line of defense to staying healthy and strong, so you can rest assured that Lucy Pet’s Formulas for Life Dog Food will provide your dog everything they need, and nothing they don’t!

Our Holistic Dog Food Comes with Added Benefits

At Lucy Pet Foods, we go above and beyond to ensure that our all-natural dog foods are made with only premium ingredients. Why? Because your pet is worth it.

Our natural, healthy dog food offers our unique and proprietary Prebiotic Balanced Fiber™ blend for optimal gut health and digestion.  Lucy Pet Foods™ nourish your dog’s total health by supporting optimal gut health to feed the entire system. Our Prebiotic Balanced Fiber™ provides varied nutrition for the gut bacteria, which in turn nourishes the entire body. This approach is the first line of defense to keeping the immune system functioning harmoniously, which promotes the overall health of your dog.

Our diets provide super-premium proteins, unique ingredients such as quinoa, pumpkin, chickpeas and sea kelp, providing just the right balance and a variety of fibers to support a healthy gut environment.

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