With advances in medicine and better nutrition choices, cats are living longer than before. It is not unusual nowadays for our feline friends to live well into their 20’s.

A cat’s lifespan can vary drastically due to many factors, in particular, whether a cat lives exclusively indoors vs spending time regularly outdoors. Cats who live outdoors are obviously exposed to a number of risks, hazards, dangers and even diseases that indoor cats are not susceptible to. Infectious diseases, exposure to the elements, being chased by dogs or hunted by other wild animals can be life-threatening and can cause high stress for outdoor cats.

Neutering or Spaying can add life to your cat as well. In fact, you can expect a male cat to live 62% longer and female cats to live 39% longer. Spaying a cat helps prevent uterine infections and breast tumors which are malignant about 90% of the time. For male cats, neutering can prevent hernias and prostate cancers, as well as reduce over-active aggression or tendencies to spray or mark territory.

Diet and exercise are a major part of health and longevity for cats, as well as a healthy diet that is well-balanced with high quality ingredients. Cats are natural hunters and have a short attention span, so being creative with exercise can be key. Give your kitty something to climb; a cat tree or tower can also give them some space of their own. Lasers are also a great way to get them moving; even something as simple as a balled-up piece of paper or a string can give cats more exercise.

As far as diet, it’s very beneficial to keep your cat’s immune system strong through proper nutrition. Good gut health keeps a proper balance in the digestive system, which can help boost the overall immune system of felines. Cat lovers have quickly spread the word about Lucy Pet Formulas for Life because it has Prebiotic Balanced Fiber included in the diet for cats which contains everything that’s needed for optimal gut health in your cat. Noted nutritionist Dr. George C. Fahey spent 40 years studying gut health and the importance of dietary fiber in the diets of cats and dogs.

Lucy Pet’s premium fiber blend helps our feline friends stay regular, encourages gut bacteria diversity and can also help prevent hairballs. These fibers can be obtained through plant and vegetable proteins such as:

• Pumpkin, which is rich in soluble fiber and potassium.
• Quinoa, which is a superfood full of calcium, lysine and B vitamins.
• Chicory Root, which targets and nourishes the friendly bacteria and assists in digestion and helps in the absorption of key nutrients.
• Chickpeas, which are a good source of carbohydrates, protein, and fiber.
• Sea Kelp, which is an excellent source of iodine for thyroid function, vitamin B for metabolism, C, E, Magnesium, and calcium.

Dr. Fahey’s research is the cornerstone of Lucy Pet Formulas for Life Cat Formulas. Try Lucy Pet Foods and you will see a real difference in your cat’s health.

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