Picture this. It’s been a long Monday. You finally arrive home from work, and you have just finished cooking dinner. You get into your pajamas and sit down to watch television until… this awful odor arises. So awfully pungent that you can’t help but smell it. You can’t relax because you are fixated on this smell.

You now have to get up and search for the source of this odor. You come to realize that it is coming from your cat’s litter box. This is the smell of the reaction forming from cat urine and bacteria forming. This is not the kind of smell that goes away, but it, in fact, gets worse. Did you know that this odor coming from the ammonia forming is actually toxic? It can cause respiratory illness, digestive problems, and other ailments in cats. But, there is a solution.

Our cat litter is called ‘Cats Incredible Litter,’ for a reason.

Rewind a couple of minutes, and you are back in your pajamas, but this time you sit uninterrupted. No pungent smells, no sick cats, and no toxicity spreading throughout your house. Our cat litter is THE litter that stops ammonia from forming.

You may be thinking, “Oh, this is one of those healthy alternatives that my cat will have no interest in.” But, think again! We make our litter with sodium bentonite clay, which actually attracts cats. Our litter works to transform the finicky cats who don’t consistently go in the litter box. Sodium bentonite clay can change their whole mentality.