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Are Border Collies Hypoallergenic

  Are Border Collies Hypoallergenic? The love and companionship of a dog are like nothing else in the world, but for people with allergies, it can also come at a cost. Allergic reactions from a

Most Common Border Collie Health Issues

  Most Common Border Collie Health Issues: How To Care For Your Dog Some dogs are blessed with strong bodies, potent immune systems, and resistance to many common dog ailments. The Border Collie is one

Common Collie Health Problems

Standard or “Rough” Collies are a wonderful constant in their owner’s lives:  loving furry companions that adore being near “their” humans and making them smile. In addition to treating them with plenty of love and

Collie vs Border Collie -What’s the Difference

Dog breed names, much like human names, are derived from a vast array of influences – some are named for the area they originated in, others are named after their parents, and still, others are

10 Fun Facts About Golden Retrievers

Few dogs are as well-known and universally beloved as the Golden Retriever. This long-coated pup is legendary in hunting circles, as a caring family companion, and for their sensational looks in professional showing circuits. Chances

Salmon For Dogs Everything You Need To Know

  Dogs have a lot of nutritional demands in order to stay in peak condition. With their bodies only producing roughly half of the nutrients they need to live, their diet is extremely important when

A Helpful Guide Best Food for Golden Retrievers

For any pet parent of a Golden Retriever can attest, they’re some of the friendliest pooches on the planet – in fact, they’re ranked number 3 in breed popularity by the American Kennel Club! But

Common Golden Retriever Health Issues

After only a few moments in the presence of a sweet, bright-eyed Golden Retriever, it’s easy to see why the breed is a perennial favorite in US households. Known for their intelligent and affable demeanor

Are Golden Retrievers Hypoallergenic

For dog-loving pet owners, few things are more devastating than an allergy to their pet. After all, when a runny nose, constant sneezing, itchy skin, hives, and watery eyes dominate interactions with your dog, it’s

10 Fun Facts About Collie Dogs

If you’re searching for a dog breed that brings together compelling beauty, a fantastic work ethic, and innate intelligence that shines from bright eyes, the Collie is a superior choice. From their long, elegant muzzles

Helpful Guide to the Best Food for Collie Dogs

Collies are some of the most well-known herding dogs in all of canine-dom, and it shows from their aerodynamic muzzles to their powerful, low-slung build. They’re made for speed and agility, and the American Kennel

Are Australian Shepherds Born Without Tails?

If you are the proud owner of an Australian Shepherd puppy then you know there is not much cuter than the hilarious attempted bobbed tail wag of an Aussie. The word “attempted” is a


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