For our Kettle Creations™ Stews, we wanted to have a home-made quality and texture using seafood such as salmon, tuna, sardines, and whitefish, as well as real chicken and duck. We searched the globe for production facilities that met our strict standards for production and quality of ingredients. These ingredients are readily available in Thailand at the quality we demand. The seafood used in our formulas are responsibly sourced, and dolphin-safe from waters nearby Thailand that have an abundant source of fish. All seafood is tested for mercury to ensure safety.

Absolutely no ingredients from China are used in our recipes.

Thailand has been consistently recognized as a global leader in eco-friendly methods and leads in food research and production technology in food production. Thailand has very strict standards for food production. Many US brands of human food are produced in Thailand, and as such Thai plants are subject to greater scrutiny than even here in the United States. Thailand relies heavily on food production and global exports and have highly advanced procedures to procure ingredients and produce foods for humans and pets.