CatsCats are very independent and strong willed little creatures. They love to clean up after themselves in their litter box, lick their own fur clean and make a stance as king or queen of the house. No matter how independent they are, your cat can’t take of itself all on its own. Here are a few tips to keep your little friend happy and healthy.

  • Maintain a healthy body weight: Ask your veterinarian what a proper healthy weight is for your cat. Sometimes if your cat is too skinny, it may mean that there are hidden health issues.
  • Brush your cat’s fur: Unless you have a hairless breed, you should be brushing your cat’s fur every day. This will help you to keep an eye out for any lumps or sore spots.
  • Shave your cat’s fur: If your cat hates to be brushed, we know how stubborn cats can be, then make sure you keep up a proper shave every six to nine months with a groomer.
  • Keep an eye out for fleas: If your cat is scratching themselves more than normal, they may have fleas. To get rid of them talk with your vet and book an appointment.
  • Check his or her teeth regularly: At every appointment, your vet should check your cat’s teeth. But keep in mind that their gums should be pink and her teeth should be white and free of cracks. If they are yellow that means tartar is forming, dental cat treats can help.
  • Check your cat’s eyes, ears, and nose: If you notice any irregular symptoms then book an appointment with your vet.
  • Claws: Cats are natural born “scratchers.” We suggest that you have a good place for your cat to scratch. Keep in mind that cats need to scratch.

Your cat needs you just as much as you need them, so maintaining a healthy mind and spirit will further your relationship with your furry friend.