The Lucy Pet Gnarly Crankin’ Wave Maker is a self-contained crowd pleaser.  Everywhere the wave maker goes, it draws crowds and local media, resulting in millions of media impressions! With its own power, heater and filtration system, All YOU add is water.

  • The wave maker holds 5,500 gallons of potable water. (customer responsible for sourcing potable water)

  • Self-contained heating system-water is heated to a comfortable 80 degrees F.

  • Self-contained filtration system.

  • Power Generator, no additional electrical source required.

The wave maker and its tractor measure 76 ft in total length and the generator is pulled by a ford truck for a total length of 114.5 ft. The truck can be removed from the generator in areas with space restrictions.

PDF Download:  Wavemachine Brochure

Pull in huge crowds with this one-of-a-kind attraction!

Add a platform for up-close public viewing.(not included)

At pet-friendly events, dogs in attendance can try out surfing on the wave maker!

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