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FAQ Cats Incredible Litter2019-06-26T09:15:01-07:00

FAQ Cats Incredible Litter

Does Lucy Pet offer coupons?2019-06-07T18:57:20-07:00

If you join our Lucy’s Friends e-mail list you will receive exclusive offers and advance distribution of money saving coupons and promotions. Periodically we also offer coupons and special offers from our Facebook page. You can “like” us on Facebook at Lucy Pet Products to view rebates, coupons or promotions that are made available to the public.

Is Lucy Pet available for purchase online?2019-06-07T18:56:45-07:00

Our products are available through pet specialty retail stores and online from our own website LucyPetProducts.com, Amazon.com and Chewy.com

What does “Products With A Cause” Mean?2019-06-07T19:16:12-07:00

We are committed to helping animals by donating to the Lucy Pet Foundation, whose mission is to reduce pet overpopulation and support other animal welfare causes.

What is Ammonia?2019-06-07T19:16:22-07:00

Here are some facts about Ammonia:

  • Ammonia is a colorless gas
  • Ammonia has a very foul odor
  • Ammonia exposure is very dangerous to pets
  • Humans can detect it at levels as low as 3 ppm
  • Cats detect it at 1 ppm
  • Ammonia is generated from a cat’s biological systems
  • The smaller the pet the greater the danger
  • The older the pet the greater the danger
What are the health benefits of Cats Incredible™?2019-06-07T19:16:53-07:00

Cats Incredible™ with Smell Squasher stops Ammonia from forming. At very low levels, Ammonia can cause eye, nose, throat, lung and skin irritation. At higher levels, it can cause nausea and vomiting, with intense burning of the eyes, nose, throat, skin and even death. With Cats Incredible, cat owners can rest assured, knowing their cat’s litter box is providing a safe, ammonia-free environment.

  • Even at low levels, just 3 parts per million (PPM) in the air, Ammonia creates a noticeably unpleasant smell.
  • Despite current cat litter brands claiming odor prevention, more than 3 PPM of ammonia is often observed in the air after only a few days.
  • Cats Incrediblewith Smell Squasher stops ammonia from forming, with 0 PPM of ammonia observed in the air after more than 10 days in use.*

For cat owners looking for the best cat litter odor prevention available, Cats Incredible with Smell Squasher is the clear and safe choice for their furry companions.

* Independent field data from tests comparing Cats Incredible Smell Squasher technology to leading cat litter brands shows that it significantly out performs all current offerings by preventing Ammonia formation over a 10 day period of time. The odor threshold for humans is just 3 parts per million (PPM) of Ammonia in the air.

How does Cats Incredible™ help keep my cat using the litter box?2019-06-07T19:17:02-07:00

Many cats end up in shelters because of litter box behavior issues. Since cats can detect ammonia almost immediately when it forms, high levels of ammonia can deter cats from using a soiled litter box. Cats Incredible™ prevents ammonia from forming, when used as directed, to keep cats using the litter box.

What makes the bag so unique?2019-06-07T19:17:14-07:00

The package is a two-handled, bag with a side spout for the easy pour of litter. Both handles are ergonomically reinforced for comfort. The bag is also recyclable and non-pollutant. The bag for Cats Incredible™ was designed by our Founder, Joey Herrick and our Director of Marketing & Development, Betsy Martin and has been patented around the world because of its unique design and function.

Who is the cat featured on the bag?2019-06-07T19:17:24-07:00

Ricky the Rescue Cat is the inspiration behind Cats Incredible™ SuperKittyKataKalizmikKlumping Litter for Cats™! Ricky was rescued from a high kill shelter in Los Angeles and went on to star in a Super Bowl Sunday TV commercial for the Lucy Pet Foundation to raise awareness about the high rate of euthanasia of pets, especially in cats. Ricky was the cat who blocked the pass in the football spot. Each week, 80,000 cats and dogs are euthanized due to overpopulation. Ricky the Rescue is on a mission to help address the overpopulation of homeless pets. Today Ricky the Rescue is a rising star online with a loyal following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Ricky is a highly discerning and hard working Spokescat of the Lucy Pet Foundation and does quality assurance for Lucy Pet Products.

Is Cats Incredible™ flushable?2019-06-07T19:17:34-07:00

No, you should never flush or dispose of Cats Incredible™ litter in a toilet or down any drain.

Is Cats Incredible™ safe for Cats and Humans?2019-06-07T19:17:57-07:00

Safety and reliability are two of Lucy Pet Product’s highest priorities. Cats Incredible™ Smell Squasher technology is first and foremost formulated with the safety of pets. Cats Incredible™ Smell Squasher is non-toxic, non-hazardous and completely safe for pets. In addition, you can rest assured knowing that Cats Incredible™ Smell Squasher is not an acute oral or dermal toxicant, irritant, sensitizer, genotoxic, or a carcinogen. Unlike some major grocery store brands of litter, Cats Incredible™ DOES NOT contain Borates, rated as a reproductive toxicant in Europe. Lucy Pet Products does not use any Borates in any of our formulas.

Is Cats Incredible™ Approved by Veterinarians?2019-06-07T19:18:27-07:00

Yes. Cats Incredible™ is used and recommended by leading Veterinarians because its prevention of potentially toxic ammonia in the litter box. The renowned Veterinarian and Author Dr Karen ‘Doc Halligan”, DVM serves as Chief Veterinary Officer for Lucy Pet Foundation and Lucy Pet Products. After studying the results of the third party field tests on our litter, and using it with her own cats, Doc Halligan has endorsed Cats Incredible™ primarily because it helps eliminate ammonia exposure as a potential cause of upper respiratory infections in cats.

What formulas and sizes of Cats Incredible™ are available?2019-06-07T19:18:39-07:00

Cats Incredible™ is available in Unscented and Lavender formulas, in 14lb and 25lb bags.

What are the symptoms of Ammonia exposure in cats?2019-06-07T19:18:52-07:00

Exposure to Ammonia in cats may include the following:

  • Panting or weakness
  • Wet and runny nose
  • Drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Trembling limbs
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Dull, squinting eyes
  • Dull looking coat
  • Hair loss
  • Depression
  • Convulsions
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Burns around the mouth
  • Coughing
What are the differences between Unscented and Lavender formulas?2019-06-07T19:19:11-07:00

Our Lavender formula includes a light lavender scent. We DO NOT use a heavy fragrance (like most brands) to cover up the ammonia smell in the litter box because our Smell Squasher eliminates ammonia from ever forming. We found that cats enjoy the level of fragrance we use in our Lavender formula. The Unscented formula has no scent or fragrance.

Where is Cats Incredible™ made?2019-06-07T19:19:25-07:00

Cats Incredible™ SuperKittyKataKalizmikKlumping Litter for Cats™ is proudly made in the USA.

What are the ingredients in Cats Incredible™?2019-06-07T19:19:35-07:00

Cats Incredible litter is made with natural Sodium Bentonite, from the USA. It also contains a patent-pending pet-safe technology we call Smell Squasherto stop ammonia from forming. The lavender formula also includes a light lavender scent.

What is Sodium Bentonite Clay?2019-06-07T19:19:46-07:00

Sodium Bentonite Clay is a safe, non-toxic, natural substance from the earth composed of aged volcanic ash. The name comes from the largest known deposit of Bentonite Clay located in Fort Benton, Wyoming. Sodium Bentonite easily absorbs water rapidly, similar to a highly porous sponge.

What does Smell Squasher do, and how does it work?2019-06-07T19:19:56-07:00

Ammonia can be toxic to cats and to you. It is formed from natural chemical reactions between enzymes from bacteria, which come from feces, plus urea from your cat’s urine. Our Smell Squasher technology prevents this reaction, stopping this actually prevents the ammonia from forming, when used as directed. Smell Squasher technology does not mask, absorb, nor neutralize ammonia like other litter brands currently on the market.

What does it mean: “Your Friends Won’t Know You Have Cats™?2019-06-07T19:20:10-07:00

The patented-pending, breakthrough Smell Squasher technology stops ammonia from forming. This is the major cause of odor in cat litter boxes. This, in conjunction with the superior variety of Sodium Bentonite we use ensures that your home will not have that unpleasant ammonia smell that people often associate with cats.

Is Cats Incredible™ with Smell Squasher safe for cats with sensitivities?2019-06-07T19:20:23-07:00

Safety and reliability are two of Lucy Pet Product’s highest priorities. Cats Incredible™ Smell Squasher technology is first and foremost formulated with the safety of pets. Cats Incredible™ Smell Squasher is a proprietary, patent-pending technology that is non-toxic, non-hazardous and completely safe for pets. In addition, you can rest assured knowing that Cats Incredible™ Smell Squasher is not an acute oral or dermal toxicant, irritant, sensitizer, genotoxic, or a carcinogen.

There are no findings for oral toxicity nor internal organ damage from exposure to cat’s ingesting Cats Incredible™ with Smell Squasher via licking residual particles from their paws.  In fact, due to the elimination of ammonia from the litter box and the reduction of dust to less than 0.1% all cats using Cats Incredible™ litter with Smell Squasher should now be exposed to much healthier environments than ever before.

What Happens if I still smell ammonia in the litter box?2019-06-07T19:20:33-07:00

Since Cats Incredible™ with Smell Squasher stops Ammonia from forming, if there is ammonia present, it would indicate that your cat has a bladder infection. You should contact your veterinarian immediately.

Does Cats Incredible™ litter have a shelf life or best buy date?2019-06-07T19:20:44-07:00

No. Cats Incredible™ does not expire.

How do I read the lot codes on your package?2019-06-07T19:20:59-07:00
Lot numbers are an integral part of our Quality Assurance Program as well as a way of providing tracking information on our products. We have multiple plants that produce our Cats Incredible litter. There are two possible lot codes on our bags. Both plants use lot numbers with a Julian Date system and include the plant and time produced.
Example 001 17 859 1 means Jan. 1, 2017 Plant 859, First Shift
Example: CC171250800 means Plant CC, Plant 2017 May 5th 8:00 am
Do I need to scoop the litter box regularly?2019-06-07T19:21:10-07:00

Yes, scoop out clumps and any solid waste at least once a day and add more litter as needed to maintain 3″ depth in the box.

Who is Dr Karen Halligan?2019-06-10T14:02:53-07:00

“Doc Halligan” DVM is a renowned Veterinarian and Author serves as Chief Veterinary Officer for the Lucy Pet Foundation.  Doc Halligan has 27 years as a practicing Veterinarian, 15 years experience working at spcaLA, and is a nationally recognized authority on pet health with media organizations. Doc Halligan also continues to practice veterinary medicine today.

Are there any special handling procedures for Cats Incredible™?2019-06-07T19:21:44-07:00

Anytime you handle soiled litter or pet waste, you should follow good hygiene practices to wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. In particular, pregnant, nursing or immunosuppressed persons should use good cleanliness and safety practices when handling soiled litter or pet waste. Cat feces can transmit a disease called toxoplasmosis. Consult your physician for more information.

How often do I need to completely replace the litter in the box with Cats Incredible™?2019-06-07T19:21:58-07:00

We recommend to scoop your litter box daily, replacing litter as needed to maintain approximately 3” in the box at all times. We suggest a complete replacement of litter, once per month. At this time, be sure to thoroughly clean your litter box with a mild blend of water and bleach to disinfect the litter box.

Does Lucy Pet Products perform any laboratory testing on animals?2019-06-07T19:22:10-07:00

No. Lucy Pet Products does not test any of its products on animals. We allow our own pets to use our products as we develop and perfect them.

Is Cats Incredible™ harmful to cats or other pets if ingested?2019-06-07T19:22:21-07:00

As part of their instinct, cats will groom themselves, and may ingest a small quantity of particles from their environment, including clay, which does not harm animals in these small quantities. However, in the rare instance that your pet ingests an abnormally large volume of clay litter, we recommend that you contact your veterinarian.

Where can I purchase Cats Incredible™?2019-06-07T19:22:37-07:00

Our products are available through pet specialty retail stores and online from our own website LucyPetProducts.com, Amazon.com and Chewy.com

Is it okay to use Cats Incredible™ for other animals?2019-06-07T19:22:47-07:00

Cats Incredible is safe for other pets that would use a litter box, such as ferrets or rabbits. Consult your veterinarian for questions about your specific pet type.

Can Cats Incredible™ litter be mixed or blended with other litters?2019-06-07T19:22:59-07:00

No. In order for our Smell Squasher technology to perform properly, it should not be blended with any other litter.

I have multiple cats at home, are there any special instructions?2019-06-07T19:23:17-07:00

Cat experts agree that if you have multiple cats, the ideal situation would be to maintain multiple litter boxes. If that is not an option, be sure to choose the largest litter box that you can find. Also, be sure to scoop at least once per day, and more frequently if you have more than two cats.

Why is Cats Incredible™ made with clay instead of Corn, Wheat or Walnuts?2019-06-07T19:23:30-07:00

While developing Cats Incredible, Lucy Pet Products conducted extensive field trials of virtually every litter available on the market. We also studied third party research about litters made from “food” products (corn, wheat, walnuts, etc). The data shows that these forms of litter decay, have a higher rate of mold and bacteria and also attract insects. These forms also do not perform as well as clumping clay to contain cat waste.

I have heard that alternative litters are better because they can be disposed in my backyard, is this true?2019-06-07T19:23:44-07:00

Cat waste contains bacteria and can contain toxoplasmosis that is not suitable to be buried in your backyard. Cat waste will drain and leech into the water table, ocean run-off, etc, and could introduce concentrated levels of harmful waste into the environment. Regardless of what you may read on some alternative litter brands websites, never dump your used cat litter into your flowerbed, yard or toilet.

Why do you use Clay versus other litter types?2019-06-07T19:23:55-07:00

Quite simply, clumping clay is the best material for maximum absorbency, tightest clump, and ability to manage pet waste. The majority of cat parents prefer a clumping clay litter because of its performance, this is why we selected the highest quality, select variety of Sodium Bentonite to be use in our Cats Incredible™ formulas.

Is Cats Incredible™ environmentally friendly?2019-06-07T19:24:05-07:00

Yes.  We have carefully chosen to work with suppliers who follow a process known as ongoing reclamation to obtain the sodium bentonite clay.

As the clay is obtained, topsoil and subsoil are replaced to create a healthy layer bed that enables reclamation and seeding. With the help of environmental specialists, they ensure that native pasture grasses are planted to help vegetation and ground cover for small animals, birds, and insects, as well as to become productive for farming or ranching. Layers of new soil are specially contoured to blend in with the natural topography of the area. Often, this process actually improves the surface area for wildlife for better feeding, grazing or nesting opportunities. Additionally, the molecule in our Smell Squasher technology breaks down in the presence of ozone from the atmosphere and will not contaminate the earth in any way.

Is your cat litter biodegradable?2019-06-07T19:24:19-07:00
Our product is composed of sodium bentonite clay and as such is not biodegradable. It is best to dispose of used cat litter in compliance with your municipal waste and garbage program where waste can be properly managed to protect the environment.
The pet safe/human safe molecule in our Smell Squasher technology breaks down in the presence of ozone from the atmosphere and will not contaminate the earth in any way.
I’ve heard that clay litter companies use a method called “strip mining” to obtain the clay. Isn’t that bad for the environment?2019-06-07T19:24:47-07:00

As a California-based company, Lucy Pet Products cares very deeply about the environment. We selected a partner to provide Sodium Bentonite who has an outstanding environmental record. The clay we source is carefully procured with procedures that preserve and protect the environment, with special care to reclaim the land to an even better state than prior to the extraction of clay.


How do I introduce my cat to Cats Incredible™?2019-06-07T19:24:57-07:00

Thanks to feline instinct, most adult cats only need to learn where the new litter box is located. First, be sure to completely empty your litter box and clean it thoroughly, with antimicrobial soap or bleach solution. We recommend one litter box per cat. Confining your cat to a small room initially is the best way to foster good litter box habits. Make sure the litter box contains enough litter for digging and burying—about three inches of Cats Incredible™ is ideal. Scoop the box of solid waste and clumps at least once per day.

Is Cats Incredible™ available outside of the USA?2019-06-07T19:25:05-07:00

Yes, Cats Incredible™ is available worldwide. Click here for a list of International Distributors.

Who is Litter Box Bob?2019-06-07T19:25:15-07:00

Litter Box Bob is a true cat lover. Some people call him “A crazy cat guy”, but at Lucy Pet Products, Litter Box Bob is crazy about Cats Incredible™ SuperKittyKataKalizmikKlumping Litter for Cats™.  Litter Box Bob is on a mission to help improve the health of cats everywhere and make it easier for people to care for their cat’s litter box.

Who is Lucy Pet Products™?2019-06-07T19:25:29-07:00

Lucy Pet Products, Inc. is a family owned and operated company based in Thousand Oaks, California. Our President and founder, Joey Herrick also founded the Lucy Pet Foundation, whose mission is to reduce pet overpopulation and the euthanasia of over 80,000 cats and dogs per week in the United States. “Lucy” is the name of a female Chihuahua mix who was a rescued by Joey and went on to inspire the animal charity in her name. Lucy Pet Products is a feel good fun brand.  We are serious about quality and improving the lives of pets and the people who love them. Our mission is to provide the highest quality products for your pet’s health and to raise money for the Lucy Pet Foundation to help animals in need. Our products can be found in pet specialty stores across the USA and are exported worldwide.

I have multiple cats. Is Cats Incredible™ good for a multi-cat household?2019-06-07T19:25:43-07:00

Yes. Cats Incredible™ is excellent for multiple cat households because our Smell Squasher™ technology stops ammonia from forming.  For multi-cat households, a best practice is to have more than one litter box or use the largest litter box possible

Where should I store Cats Incredible™?2019-06-07T19:26:03-07:00

We recommend storing Cats Incredible™ in a cool dry place. As this is a clumping litter, if it is exposed to water clumps will form. Keep our unique Cats Incredible™ bag spout sealed when not using it to ensure that water does not enter the bag.

Why did you partner with Dow on Cats Incredible™?2019-06-07T19:26:12-07:00

Dow is driving innovations to help address many of the world’s most challenging problems. They share our desire to disrupt the cat litter market with a product that effectively addresses the ammonia problem that is so harmful to cats and their owners. Dow believed they had a technology that, when added to animal applications such as cat litter, would go beyond the simple masking or neutralizing of ammonia. They undertook rigorous internal and independent external testing to confirm that, when applied according to label directions, their patent-pending odor control technology prevents ammonia formation from cat urine and prevents fecal odor. This is a performance that is not currently found in any available cat litter product on the market. Best of all, the Smell Squasher technology is non-toxic and non-hazardous to pets and humans. We are proud to partner with a leading innovator like Dow.

If ammonia is a gas, why doesn’t it all evaporate from the litter box? Why is it a problem?2019-06-07T19:26:31-07:00

Ammonia (NH3) is an invisible compound gas. Cat litter is highly absorbent and can, therefore, contain ammonia even from small amounts of urine & bacteria. The biological activity of the urine and bacteria in the litter box continually generates ammonia, and regenerates ammonia, so it continually builds up in the litter box over time. Larger quantities of urine and bacteria (for example from multiple cats) can accumulate even higher over many days/weeks can pose a health risk, not only to cats but also humans; especially to the elderly, young children, pregnant women and persons with compromised immune systems or already developed respiratory ailments, like asthma.

A cat may live upwards of 20 years, thus exposing it to years of using a litter box. Respiratory exposure is the most common route of ammonia exposure. If inhaled, ammonia can cause acute symptoms such as headaches, coughing, sore throat, dizziness, runny or burning nose, and a burning respiratory tract. Higher concentrations of ammonia exposure can cause bronchial conditions (such as shortness of breath, pneumonia, and asthma), pulmonary edema, and in severe cases, death in cats and humans.

How many cats suffer from litter box ammonia exposure and have to visit the vet each year?2019-06-07T19:26:45-07:00

The exact number is not known. The development of the Smell Squasher technology is a new to the pet industry and veterinary community. Until now, no one ever made a connection between ammonia exposure in the litter box and health issues in cats.
Since there were no previous studies on this connection, many hospital visits and illnesses were not reported or known to be caused by ammonia exposure. “Tens of thousands of cats are treated annually for these symptoms, but even worse is that many people do not bring their cat to the vet and assume these health issues are normal in cats,” said Dr. Karen Halligan DVM.

Lucy Pet has brought this technology to market and has been attending professional Veterinary conferences to share the findings that the symptoms in cats of ammonia exposure include:

  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Panting or weakness
  • Wet runny nose
  • Vomiting
  • Drooling
  • Trembling limbs
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Burns around the mouth
  • Dull, squinting eyes
  • Dull looking coat
  • Hair Loss
  • Depression
  • Convulsions
  • Difficulty breathing
Does Cats Incredible™ use any borates in its formula?2019-06-07T19:43:17-07:00

A: No, unlike some other litters on the market, Cats Incredible litter does not contain forms of borate or boric acid. Borates and boric acid are used in such products as laundry detergent, fungicides, insecticides, and teeth bleaching chemicals.  Studies have shown that borates can be irritants to the eyes and skin. Chronic exposure to borates can produce eye irritation, cough, and skin rash.  Higher doses of exposure have been linked with seizures and convulsion.  In some countries, including the European Union, borates are considered to be a class 1B carcinogen and mutagen and have been banned in the use of all personal and cosmetic applications.  Therefore, we would not use borates in our Cats Incredible formulas.


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