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A Balanced View of Dog & Cat Nutrition

The amount of conflicting information on the internet about dog and cat nutrition can be challenging to interpret and understand. Often times there are hidden agendas or scare tactics to influence the consumer. Here at Lucy Pet Foods, we use science as our guide. But what about things like protein levels, legumes, carbohydrates, peas, sweet potatoes, brown rice…the list

Lucy Pet Dog Food Rolls for Travel and Emergency Preparedness

Lucy Pet Dog Food Rolls - Perfect For Travel as well as Emergency Preparedness  Lucy Pet™ Dog Food Rolls are a nutritious meal for the traveling dog. Plus they're quick to prepare and easy to store. They're one of the “Top 10 Items” to consider for your emergency kit! But before we delve further into emergency preparedness, let's consider how they

Lucy Pet Formulas for Life: Small Bites for Small Breeds

Lucy Pet Foods™ Small Bites for Small Breeds Lucy Pet™ Small Bites for Small Breeds is now made in little kibble for toy and small breed puppies and adult dogs! The same great Lucy Pet Formulas for Life™ is formulated with the same proper nutrition but in smaller bites, along with our advanced P.B.F. Prebiotic Balanced Fiber™ to produce an

Brandon McMillan’s new series, Stray Recon!

Brandon McMillan’s new YouTube series, Stray Recon, helps stray dogs! Brandon's new series, Stray Recon, focuses on the enormous stray population of dogs in Los Angeles. The new show, exclusively on YouTube, follows Brandon as he finds lost dogs and gets them the help they need. A dog trainer who focuses on rescue and rehabilitation Brandon McMillan has spent his


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