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Where Do You Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box?

There are important things to keep in mind when finding a good location for your cat’s litter box. Many cats like their privacy, to have their box in a place with enough space to keep the area smelling fresh, and to have their litter box in a convenient place they can make it too quickly when they have to

Litter Box Training for Kittens

Cats have a natural proclivity for using a litter box. Most were trained by their mother as kittens to use a litter box and the ones that weren't caught on really fast. Kittens begin using the litter box by the third week of life. They will follow their mother to the litter box and begin to imitate her bathroom

Pregnancy and Cats

WHAT’S THE SCOOP? by Karen Doc Halligan The old wives’ tale that once a woman is pregnant she must banish all cats from her household is simply not true. The basis of this myth comes from the fact that cats can carry a parasite known as Toxoplasma gondii and in turn infect an unborn fetus in an expecting mother.

Cat Scratch and Bite Prevention

Cat Scratch and Bite Prevention Kittens/cats are true carnivores and as such have unique nails that are sharper and more curved than any other mammal. In the wild, this would help them grip their prey.  Kittens/cats have a natural instinct to scratch too because this helps them to mark their territory (both visually and using scent glands


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