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Lucy Pet ensures your Golden Retriever has all of the nutrients they need to thrive!

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Golden Retrievers are a happy and loving Scottish gundog known for their beautifully lustrous fur. One of America’s most popular dogs, Goldens have served as lifelong companions to millions of owners. A medium-sized dog with a sturdy and muscular frame, they are generally a healthy and long-lived breed. That said, there are some conditions that they are naturally susceptible to, including hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and heart disease.

Fortunately, many of the health problems Goldens tend to develop can often be combated by providing them with a healthy diet. Lucy Pet’s natural dog food formulas are some of the very best for them. To help support a healthy heart, all Lucy Pet foods have always been supplemented with additional levels of taurine and L-carnitine (amino acids that help support heart health). Our formulas are filled with all of the key nutrients your Golden needs to remain strong, healthy, and active.

Key Nutritional Considerations
For Golden Retrievers


When you look for high quality dog food, you want to avoid ingredients that can cause your Golden to have an allergic reaction. Most vets will recommend that you completely avoid feeding your furry friend the following foods/ingredients: 

Beef, Corn, Dairy, Eggs, Pork, Soy and Wheat.


Certain foods can cause digestive problems to your Golden, especially if they have an allergic reaction to a given ingredient. Ideally, you want to find a dog food that aids in gut health and digestion. Some potential digestive irritations could include: 

Diarrhea, Vomiting, Stomach upset, Lethargy and Loss of appetite.

Skin Condition

You should be wary of signs of an allergic reaction your Golden may be having to food. One of the easiest ways to spot this is by checking your dog’s skin. Signs of an allergic reaction may include:

Hair loss, Rashes, Itchiness and Hot spots

Lucy Pet Products Check All The Boxes

Duck, Pumpkin and Quinoa

Duck and Potato Limited Ingredient Diet

Salmon, Pumpkin and Quinoa

Chicken, Brown Rice & Pumpkin Limited Ingredient Diet Formula

Golden Retrievers Love Lucy Pet!

Personality and Temperament

Few dogs are as loving and playful as the Golden Retriever. This is emphasized by what breeders call a “merry tail”, which exuberantly wags whenever they play or get excited. Common personality traits for a Golden include:

  • Friendly
  • Smart
  • Puppy-like demeanor even in adulthood
  • Loyal
  • Exuberant

Activities and Exercise

Golden Retrievers are a high intensity breed that needs to release their pent up energy in productive ways. They require an ample amount of daily exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy.

Common Health Issues

Goldens are generally healthy dogs that live longer than many similarly sized breeds. That said, they are still predisposed to certain health conditions such as:

  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Eye conditions
  • Heart diseases

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Lifespan 10-12 Years
Weight 55-75 Lbs
Height 20-24 Inches
Coat Long
Energy High

Happy Golden Retrievers

Riley has always been a picky eater. My biggest concern for dog food is obviously quality, for Riley – it’s clear it is taste. I tried multiple “healthy” dog foods, but Riley never seemed interested. I heard about Lucy from Brandon McMillan and decided to give it a try. The first ingredient is salmon which makes Riley happy, and the rest of the ingredients are scientifically formulated to be healthy for him! Thanks for giving us a win-win, Lucy!

Riley, Golden Retriever

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