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Lucy Pet ensures your Bulldog has all of the nutrients they need to thrive!

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The English Bulldog is one of the most lovable, unique-looking dogs ever bred. Their demeanor, compactly-muscled body, and massive muzzle make them an incredibly effective and intimidating guard dog. These distinctive characteristics are man-made, resulting from generations of selective breeding. However, with their spunky personalities, also come a variety of health issues, notably those relating to their cardiovascular system, respiratory system, and eyes. 

Due to their unique body type and sluggish nature, English Bulldogs require a specialized diet in order to prevent or mitigate health complications and extend their life expectancy. Many of our Bulldog owners use our Prebiotic Balanced Fiber formula in order to promote a healthy gut, avoid inflammation or bloating, aid digestion and joint health, and ensure a healthy lifestyle from the inside-out.

Key Nutritional Considerations
For Bulldogs


Due to their genetic makeup, Bulldogs are far more susceptible to food allergies than other dog breeds. Common ingredients that cause problems include:

Artificial preservatives, Artificial seasonings, Beef, Chicken, Corn and Dairy


Bulldogs tend to manifest allergic reactions in the form of digestive issues. Typically, this will include:

Gas, Runny or soft stool and Excessive defecation

Skin Condition

Bulldogs sometimes develop skin conditions as a result of food allergies. Some of those skin issues can include:

Excessive shedding, Itching, Redness of skin, Rashes, Hives, Scabs and Bumps

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Personality and Temperament

Despite their intimidating appearance, Bulldogs are counted amongst the most friendly, lazy, and gentle of all dogs. They are incredibly affectionate and fiercely loyal, which makes them great guard dogs. Common descriptors include:

  • Loving
  • Funny
  • Dominating
  • Gentle
  • Affectionate
  • Lazy

Activities and Exercise

When they’re younger, Bulldogs tend to have more energy. However, as they mature and grow in size, they become lazier and more prone to take naps and relax. You need to be careful of overworking your Bulldog, so keep their daily exercise routine down to a 10-15 minute walk. 

Common Health Issues

Bulldogs are a relatively short-lived breed that are prone to breathing problems and a variety of other genetic issues. Common health issues include:

  • Cherry eye
  • Breathing issues
  • Heatstroke
  • Mast cell tumors
  • Skin infections
  • Hip and knee dysplasia 

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Lifespan 8-10 Years
Weight 49-55 Lbs
Height 12-16 Inches
Coat Short
Energy Low

Happy Bulldogs

“Being a professional trainer of National Champion sport and stunt dogs what I feed my dogs is extremely important. It is crucial that I feed my dogs the best quality natural ingredients available with no artificial preservatives or ingredients.Over the years I have seen many different fads and gimmicks from companies trying to sell dog food. Fads come and go. I am not willing to try any gimmicks and gamble with my dog’s health and life.  After extensive research I have found Lucy Pets Team of verified experts and years of experience in nutrition have formulated the best possible food that I can provide for my dogs, my family. Thank you Lucy Pet!”

Dude, Bulldog

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