At Lucy Pet Products, we want to always be honest and transparent with our consumers. We use safe and effective preservatives in our formulas to ensure they remain shelf stable. If grooming products do not use safe and effective preservatives, they would become rancid, break down, and could develop microbial bacteria or other nasty things in a very short time. Some brands claim to use “natural preservatives” but after a closer look into those formulas, we have found that some brands are not being fully honest with their consumers. We have not found a single “natural preservative” that enables the product to be shelf stable after 3 months.

The safe and effective preservatives used in our formulas have antibacterial and antifungal effects, which prevent against bacteria, yeast, and fungi from forming.

We prefer to be fully honest and provide safe grooming products that will be healthy, safe and effective whenever you purchase them. While we do use a mild preservative, these only represent a very small percentage of the total formulation and are commonly used in most human skin and hair care personal products.