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FAQ Shampoos & Conditioners2019-06-26T09:20:19-07:00

FAQ Shampoos & Conditioners

Is it normal for the shampoo to have thick clumps in it?2019-06-07T18:58:09-07:00

A: Yes, since our products contain natural ingredients, separation is normal. In particular, the natural coconut oil can separate, depending on the temperature of where the bottle was stored in your home. Simply shake the bottle to blend the shampoo, and use normally. This is perfectly normal.

Do your products contain any parabens, sulfates, phosphates?2019-06-07T19:03:21-07:00

No. Our Shampoos or Leave-In Conditioning Sprays DO NOT contain parabens, sulfates, phosphates or other harsh chemical ingredients.

What makes these products special?2019-06-07T19:03:31-07:00

They’re Products with a Cause, made with natural ingredients. Each formula has a functional benefit to the coat & skin and smells really great. They come in beautifully packaged metal bottles that can be recycled. Our Leave-in Conditioning Sprays can be used in between baths to condition & freshen up your dog’s coat.

What does ‘Products with a Cause’ mean?2019-06-07T19:03:47-07:00

We are committed to helping animals by donating to the Lucy Pet Foundation, whose mission is to reduce pet overpopulation and support other animal welfare causes.

Does Lucy Pet Products perform any laboratory testing on animals?2019-06-07T19:04:11-07:00

No. Lucy Pet Products does not test any of its products on animals. We allow our own pets to use our products to use our products as we develop and perfect them.

Do you have a skin sensitive formula?2019-06-07T19:04:21-07:00

The Big Apple formulas includes oatmeal which is skin soothing.

Why Does the Blue Lightning formula contain Blue 1 and Red 33?2019-06-07T19:04:55-07:00

These colors help provide optical brightening and are commonly used in consumable human food products such as mouthwash, soft drinks, and candy. The colors are not a skin irritant and are skin safe.

What ingredients are in the Leave-in Spray that helps the coat?2019-06-07T19:05:07-07:00

We use coconut and vegetable conditioners, whole oats, chamomile flower and papaya extract and silk amino acids.

What is the thickener that is used in the shampoo formula?2019-06-07T19:05:16-07:00

We use sodium hydroxide as a thickener.

Can the metal bottles be recycled?2019-06-07T19:14:42-07:00

Yes, they are 100% recyclable

Do you use natural ingredients?2019-06-07T19:14:53-07:00

We use natural ingredients to formulate our grooming products, along with a blend of safe and effective synthetic preservatives to prevent rancidity, bacteria, and fungi for the duration of the shelf life. However, these synthetic preservatives only represent a very small percentage of the total formulation.

Are these products ‘all natural’?2019-06-07T19:15:04-07:00

No, since we use safe and effective preservatives our formulas cannot be considered 100% natural. However, these only represent a very small percentage of the total formulation.

I’ve seen other grooming products claim they are “all natural” Why aren’t yours making that claim as well?2019-06-07T19:15:17-07:00

At Lucy Pet Products, we want to always be honest and transparent with our consumers. We use safe and effective preservatives in our formulas to ensure they remain shelf stable. If grooming products do not use safe and effective preservatives, they would become rancid, break down, and could develop microbial bacteria or other nasty things in a very short time. Some brands claim to use “natural preservatives” but after a closer look into those formulas, we have found that some brands are not being fully honest with their consumers. We have not found a single “natural preservative” that enables the product to be shelf stable after 3 months.

The safe and effective preservatives used in our formulas have antibacterial and antifungal effects, which prevent against bacteria, yeast, and fungi from forming.

We prefer to be fully honest and provide safe grooming products that will be healthy, safe and effective whenever you purchase them. While we do use a mild preservative, these only represent a very small percentage of the total formulation and are commonly used in most human skin and hair care personal products.

Where are your products made?2019-06-07T19:15:30-07:00

Both our shampoo and conditioning lines are proudly manufactured in California, in a state-of-the-art modern facility that is solar powered and environmentally friendly.

Where can I purchase Lucy Pet Products Shampoos and Leave-In Conditioners?2019-06-07T19:15:45-07:00

Our products are available through pet specialty retail stores and online from our own website LucyPetProducts.com

Can your Shampoos and Leave-In Conditioners be used on cats?2019-06-07T19:15:54-07:00

Yes, you may use any of our grooming products on cats.

Do your shampoos and conditioners expire? What is the shelf life?2019-06-07T19:16:03-07:00

Our shampoos and conditioners have a shelf life of 6 years. When properly stored and under ideal conditions, it will remain in good condition for 6 years. If the product is exposed to very cold (freezing) temperatures it may reduce the effectiveness but the product will still work. We recommend storing these products in a cool dry place.

How do I read/understand the lot code on the Shampoos & Conditioners?2019-06-07T20:36:18-07:00

Batch lot codes are an integral part of our Quality Assurance Program as well as a way of providing tracking information on our products.

Every product is assigned a batch code at production and is based upon the date a batch record is issued on that date. The batch code is represented by a six (6) characters (combination alphabetic and numeric) as follows:

1st & 2nd characters:  Numeric representing the year that the bulk is projected to be manufactured (00)

3rd character:  Alphabetic representing the month that the bulk is projected to be manufactured (A-L)

4th & 5th characters:  Numeric representing the date (of the month) that the bulk is projected to be manufactured (00-31)

6th character:  Alphabetic representing the sequence of number of batch records issued for that specific date of projected batches to be manufactured (A, B, C, etc.)

Example: Batch code 17A22A assigned to the first batch record projected to be manufactured on January 22, 2017.


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