I started using this litter the end of June and will NEVER go back to mass market litter again! As you know, I do a lot of work with rescue and rehabilitation of cats and prior to using this litter, I was having to completely change out all of my litter boxes at least 4 times a week and THAT gets expensive. Not to mention the smell that is associated with all of those litter pans. I was also continuing to have issues with upper respiratory infections on the cat’s that were really compromised, but never attributed it to the litter I was using.

SINCE using this litter my rescue cats stopped with the chronic respiratory infections, I am able to just scoop the litter pans once a day and not have to completely change the litter boxes more than once a week. The smell is GONE, both in my cat rehabilitation area AND in my home. The litter is also soft on my older cat’s paws and he REALLY appreciates that!

A few highlights that I see on a regular basis:
1. Superior clumping
2. Change your litter boxes less often
3. UNBELIEVABLE odor control
4. Much easier on old or irritated paws
5. Completely removed any ammonia smell, resulting in less upper respiratory infections.

I truly feel it is the BEST litter on the market today!

THANK YOU, Lucy Litter!!!
Suzy Hooper and my fur buddies:
Simon, Annabelle, Bella, Q-Tip. Fluffy And the 6 other cats that I currently have in my “rehab room”!

Also, my dog Chelsea thanks you because she doesn’t have to contend with cranky cats anymore!

Suzy Hooper
I cannot say enough POSITIVE about this product! We have two male cats that use one litter box. We’ve tried them all, clumping, clay, “best in the world” and not one of them are even close to this for being EFFECTIVE against odor!

Ours is a two-story home, the litter box is upstairs in one of the bathtubs (in a bathroom that we don’t use much at all). We have an open area to the first floor and you could always catch a wiff of cat box until we discovered Cats Incredible. No more, now our home smells fresh all the time.
I’ve already bought another bag of this because our local store runs out often.
Thank you for such an amazing product that does what it says it does!

Liz Wilcox
Hi I’m Sean, Ralph gave me a sample of the Lucy Cat Litter about two, two and a half months ago and I have been using it regularly ever since. I love it so much.
Lucy’s litter is, in fact, incredible! I have one cat and three dogs, all of which like to visit the litter box. Before Lucy’s, all of the dogs would go snack in the litter box and just a day after I switched over they completely stopped. I love how it masks the smell and how it doesn’t track!
Noel from Colorado
I have a friend that doesn’t clean his litter box regularly and I gave him a bag of Lucy Pet’s litter. It has cut the smell 90% with 3 cats using one box and only being cleaned twice a week!

Denise, Powhatan, VA
I was offered a free by to try of Lucy’s incredible litter. I had 2 cat box’s at home, one on the floor and one up on a shelf. When I added the box on the floor, my cats almost entirely stopped using the one up on the shelf. Lazy creatures! I added Lucy’s litter to the one up on the shelf and my cats both immediately began using that box just as frequently, if not more than the floor box. I was quite shocked! So impressed that I am unbelievably tempted to continue buying your products to make my cats happy since they obviously favor it more!
Dana P. Fort Collins, CO
I’ve been using this litter for the last 3 months and oh my God! My house used to smell like cats, everyone would tell me that. It was rather embarrassing. Lanae introduced me to this litter and it has been amazing. I have noticed that my cats actually like their litter box, and they seem all around happier. I am so thankful to have found this product. I will never go back to any other litter.
Mark McMahon, From Scottsdale, AZ
I was given a sample of the Cats Incredible litter and I gave it a try and I am completely thrilled with it. It’s one of my top recommendations. I have one cat I used to have three but now I have one. It is phenomenal stuff.
Hi, My name is Lydia. I got given a sample of the Cats Incredible and I took it home my cat loved it, I loved it, no odor no dust. I would recommend it to any customer, any friend, anything so goes get a bag of Cats Incredible.
Hi, my name is Sarah. I’ve got four cats in a very limited small space and I was absolutely blown away by the product itself, how it works, the odor control as well as the clumping factor, and the lack of dust that it has. I have spent forty dollars worth of good bags of litter and this just blows me away. Definitely a rebuy.