Do You Know What Dangers are Lurking in your Cat’s Litter Box?

When ammonia forms in your litter box.
It’s toxic to your cat… and to YOU. Finally, a litter that won’t let that happen.
Lucy Pet Products™ has created a new innovation in cat litter!
Cats Incredible™ is a clay-based cat litter that actually prevents ammonia from forming in the litter box. Its Quick Clumping formula results in firm, easy to scoop clumps.
Ammonia is formed from natural chemical reactions between enzymes from bacteria, which come from feces, plus urea from your cat’s urine. Smell Squasher™, this non-toxic patent pending technology, stops this reaction, actually preventing the ammonia from forming when used as directed. Smell Squasher™ technology does not mask, absorb, nor does it neutralize ammonia like other litter brands currently on the market.
It works so well…
  • Cats Incredible™ Kwik Klumping formula results in firm, easy to scoop klumps.
  • 99.9% Dust Free.
  • Patent pending technology to stop ammonia from forming.
  • Very low tracking, so your home will stay cleaner.
  • Beautiful, patent pending ergonomic double-handled package with easy-to-pour spout.
  • Non-toxic, long lasting formula.
  • In Unscented and Lavender.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Veterinarian Approved “I am thrilled we can now cross off ‘Ammonia Exposure from litter’ as a potential cause of upper respiratory infections” -Dr. Karen Halligan, DVM Renowned Veterinarian and Author



Here’s how we rank against the major brands. Independent Data indicated that even after 10 days of use, litter boxes with Cats Incredible™ litter did not have ammonia present. Other Major brands had significant and dangerous levels of ammonia.


Ammonia is the silent pet KILLER. Environmental ammonia exposure is unhealthy for pets.

  • Humans can detect it at levels as low as 3ppm, but cats detect it long before humans ever smell it.
  • Ammonia can be detected as early as 3 days after complete clean out of the box.
  • Ammonia levels can reach as high as 15 ppm in 10 days if not cleaned properly.
  • Ammonia levels can reach as high as 30 ppm in 15 days if the box is not completely cleaned out.
  • These levels are dangerous to your cat!!