We developed the Lucy Pet Formulas for Life ™ Salmon, Pumpkin, and Quinoa Grain-Free Formula to include high-quality chicken meal to meet required protein levels and to ensure the formula does not exceed the newly AAFCO established maximum levels for vitamin D.
  • The Association of American Feed Control Officers (AAFCO) substantially lowered (by 60%) the maximum levels of vitamin D for dogs & cats in pet food.
  • AAFCO ruling allows existing pet foods to reformulate and comply by 1/1/2018
  • Fish is naturally high in vitamin D, so existing fish-only formulas will need to reformulate to lower the percentage of fish and add another source of protein (either poultry, meat or plant protein source).
  • Symptoms of excessive vitamin D include vomiting, weakness, muscle atrophy, calcification of soft tissue, dry, brittle hair, lethargy and more.
  • Lucy Pet is proactively compliant with new AAFCO regulations and added high-quality chicken meal to its Salmon based formulas to achieve proper protein levels.