Our founder and President, Joey Herrick was a pioneer of natural pet foods nearly 30 years go. He developed many innovative products with unique formulations that improved the quality of pet food at a time when many pet foods were using basic quality ingredients. Always one to innovate and never copy, Joey started doing the research of what is missing in today’s diets for dogs and cats. He found that there are a lot of foods all saying the same thing in their marketing and started looking at it from a different point of view.

After reading studies in human health about digestion and gut health, he learned that there are 100 million more neurons in the digestive system than we have in our spinal cord. Experts believe the digestive system does far more than to process food. University researchers call the gut the second brain. Since the basic digestive systems in humans are similar to dogs and cats, Joey decided that digestion is something that needs more attention for the health of our pets. He found the most accomplished, respected and influential animal nutritionists in the industry who had been conducting research on the importance of fiber in the health of animals. He found that the types of fiber used in foods can make a real difference, and realized this nutritional research could bring significant health benefits to dogs and cats.