​​Lucy Pet Formulas for Life ™ are complete and balanced with the correct and guaranteed levels of essential vitamins & minerals pets require.
  • Our formulas use only the highest quality ingredients. Most of our ingredients are procured from human food suppliers. We never use rejected or poor quality ingredients.
  • Consumers are busy,
    home cooking is time-consuming and significantly more expensive that a quality kibble diet.
  • Incorrect preparation and improper cooking may deplete certain nutrient requirements, and result in a deficient diet, which could be harmful to the pet. These imbalances may be visible until it is too late.
  • Your pet should have full access to fresh water at all times. A healthy pet will usually drink the amount of water they need. Many cats to not consume enough water due to accessibility or other factors. Since pets (cats especially) are often attracted to gentle “running water”, a pet water fountain may be a convenient option to encourage your pet to drink more water. Always monitor how much water your pet consumes. Water is an essential nutrient, and changes in water consumption are critical to observe as a potential indication of other health issues.