Generally speaking, a healthy canine/feline stool is moist and firm, sometimes segmented, and has a mild odor.
 Normal stools should be shaped like a log, that is, cylindrical and should be easy to pick up. The four “c” of stool are:
  • Color: Under normal circumstances, the stool is a chocolate-brown color.
  • Consistency: The ideal stool is a 3 or 4: a firm, moist segmented piece, caterpillar-shaped
  • Coating: Poop should not have a coating or a film over it. If you’re picking up your pet’s stool off the grass, there shouldn’t be any sort of trail left behind.
  • Content: The inside of a stool shouldn’t look any different from the rest of it.
When transitioning to our higher fiber diet, some noticeable changes in stool volume may occur. This reflects a more healthy digestive tract.