The Microbiome

Additional Reading: The Microbiome

To learn out more about the research and studies we considered in formulating our Formulas for Life™ with P.B.F Prebiotic Balanced Fiber™ please review these sources and articles below. For your convenience, we have provided a list of external links to numerous articles and websites. Lucy Pet is not responsible for the content written within these external articles, we are providing these only for your convenience.

University of Washington: The Human Microbiome

Mayo Clinic: The Microbiome Program

Baylor College of Medicine: The Microbiome Program 

Johns Hopkins University

International Human Microbiome Standards (IHMS)

National Institute of Health: Defining the Human Microbiome

NBC News: Microbiome Science Could Bring a Revolution in Medical Care

Scientific American: The Gut’s Microbiome Changes Rapidly with Diet

Scientific American: Mental Health May Depend on Creatures in the Gut

International Human Microbiome Consortium

New Scientist: What lives inside you: A guide to your microbiome

Dr. Axe: The Human Microbiome: How it Works + a Diet for Gut Health

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National Institute of Health: Gut microbiota of humans, dogs, and cats: current knowledge and future opportunities and challenges.

The Science of Microbes: