Lucy Pet Paws for Life- Honoring pet heroes who have saved human lives.

Lucy Pet Paws For Life

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Honoring pet heroes who have saved human lives.

Lucy Pet Paws for Life

Watch the Rose Parade on Monday, January 1st, to see the brave animals that have saved and protected human lives on our incredible Lucy Pet “Paws for Life” float. From search and rescue dogs to a fearless feline, we salute these courageous animals for putting themselves in the line of danger to rescue and defend humans in need.

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Meet Some of the Lucy Pet Heroes in the 2018 Rose Parade™

We are honored to share the stories of these amazing animals who show us all what it means to be a true hero!

Sirius the war dog served bravely alongside his handler, 22-year-old Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua Ashley, who was killed fighting in Afghanistan. It was Joshua’s final wish that Sirius be given to his mother, Tammie Ashley, who will appear on the Paws for Life float with Sirius. Read more about Sirius and Joshua on the PBS News Hour.

Tara the cat became a viral Internet sensation when a surveillance video captured her saving her owner, 4-year-old Jeremy, from a vicious dog attack. Without hesitation, Tara jumped on the dog as it started dragging the young boy down the driveway, and bravely fought it off. The video has had more than 25 million views on YouTube.

Jax Oxnard Police Department K-9 and handler Officer Dan Casson worked together to make a major ‘drug bust’ just this year. Incredibly, Jax has been involved in over 100 crime interventions since joining the Oxnard Police K-9 force!

Rocket the rescue dog, once slated for euthanasia, is one of the top search and rescue canines in the nation! With his handler, Mike Stornetta, Rocket’s specialty is finding people who are trapped after natural disasters. Recently, he was deployed to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Read more about Rocket on CBS New York.

Video Interviews Lucy Pet Heroes in the 2018 Rose Parade™

Lucy Pet Paws for Life Rose Parade 2018 KTLA5 Coverage

Lucy Pet predicts Rose Bowl winner 1pm 12 30 2017

KABC Guest Sirius Lucy Pet Paws for Life

KABC Guest Sirius Lucy Pet Paws for Life

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See the Lucy Paws for Life Rose Parade Float

This is Lucy Pet’s third Rose Parade, and we couldn’t be more excited! The Rose Parade theme this year is “Making A Difference,” and our float, “Paws for Life,” honors animal heroes who, all together, have saved over 200 human lives! Look for us during the second half of the parade; we are float number 79. Tune in to the Rose Parade on January 1st starting at 8 am PST, or watch it live on Amazon Prime.

We worked with Fiesta Parade Floats—the most award-winning float builder in Rose Parade history to create an amazing float, fit for our animal heroes! Thousands of volunteers worked hundreds of hours to create our spectacular float, using organic plant materials including flowers, seeds, petals, bark, leaves, and more.

Fun Facts about the decoration of the Lucy Pet float

1. The black and white “photographs” which we refer to as “floral graphs” are decorated in 3 main materials -white sweet rice, black onion seed, and gray poppy seed- mixed and blended together to create 9 different and distinct color tones.

2. Approximately 500 volunteers will spend over 4000 hours decorating the float in addition to the “floral-graphs” created by a team of detail artist. The 8 floral-graphs took approximately 1000 decoration hours to complete.

3. Grass sod has been used on the platforms for the comfort of the dogs.

4. 20,000 red Freedom roses are used on the Lucy Pet float.

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