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Why we use Quinoa in our Lucy Pet Formulas for Life™

Every ingredient we use in our Lucy Pet Formulas for Life™ has been chosen for a specific reason. We first start with the nutritional needs of the animal in mind. We do not hyper-focus on any one ingredient or nutrient category just to follow a marketing trend. Instead, we look at how all the ingredients can contribute to the nutrient

A team of experts from a family-owned company that cares

At Lucy Pet, we’re totally focused on animal care and improving the health of cats and dogs. From what you feed your cat or dog, how you care for their skin and coat, or how to have a healthier litter box for your cat, Lucy Pet has innovative products to help pet parents make the best choices for furry family

A Deeper Understanding of Health Supporting Qualities of Sea Kelp for Animals

In a previous blog post, “Kelp: The Superfood from the Sea” we shared some insights about the kelp we use in our P.B.F. Prebiotic Balanced Fiber™ blend. We chose this particular species of kelp “Ascophyllum nodosum” because it has consistent nutrient qualities, is safe, free of contaminates, and is non-toxic. It grows naturally off the shores of Nova Scotia, Canada

A Strong & Healthy Immune System for Dogs and Cats

We all love our pets and want them to live a long healthy life. There are many things we can do as pet parents to give our furry friends the best opportunity to thrive. Maintaining a strong immune system is considered to be critical in helping dogs and cats quickly and effectively fight diseases or viruses. Scientists believe it is possible to improve the