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Surfing Dogs & Cats Promote new Lucy Pet Food

We're happy to say that our new Lucy Pet food has started shipping to local independent pet specialty stores across the US. Every week we will update our store locator with the retailers who carry our line of Formulas for Life dog and cat food.     Now we're busy getting the word out about Gut Health for cats

Lucy Pet Quality Assurance Program Sets Standards in Pet Food

Click To Enlarge As pet parents, we understand how important it is to have peace of mind and confidence in the products you give your pet. From Lucy Pet Formulas for Life™ dog and cat food to Cats Incredible litter and Lucy Pet grooming products, we perform safety and quality checks to give you confidence in us. At

Lucy Pet Cat Food and Dog Food Grabs Attention

The day has finally arrived, our new Lucy Pet cat food and dog food started shipping to pet specialty retailers across North America. Many retailers already placed their early orders and have been patiently waiting for our first production runs to be available this week. Our standard procedure is that every production run is held at the warehouse for

Why we use Pumpkin in our Lucy Pet Formulas for Life

Our nutrition team has chosen each ingredient in Lucy Pet Formulas for Life™ for a specific purpose. As always, we begin with the nutritional needs of a cat or dog, based on AAFCO nutritional requirements. We analyze the actual nutrient profile of raw ingredients and use an advanced nutritional database to study how all the combined ingredients in a formula will

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