A Deeper Understanding of Health Benefits of Sea Kelp for Animals

In a previous blog post, “Kelp: The Superfood from the Sea” we shared some insights about the kelp we use in our P.B.F. Prebiotic Balanced Fiber™ blend. We chose this particular species of kelp “Ascophyllum nodosum” because it has consistent nutrient qualities, is safe, free of contaminates, and is non-toxic. It grows naturally off the shores of Nova Scotia, Canada

A Strong & Healthy Immune System for Dogs and Cats

We all love our pets and want them to live a long healthy life. There are many things we can do as pet parents to give our furry friends the best opportunity to thrive. Maintaining a strong immune system is considered to be critical in helping dogs and cats quickly and effectively fight diseases or viruses. Scientists believe it is possible to improve the

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