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Fall in Love with Lucy Pet

Fall in Love with Lucy Pet Regardless of the temperature where you live, the signs that Autumn has arrived are everywhere. Bright orange pumpkins, gourds, scarecrows, bales of hay and the leaves all starting to change color. Beautiful hues of orange, red, brown, yellow, and green are making things look festive. Lucy, our namesake pup was on hand for a

Evacuation Kit

Evacuation Kit An animal evacuation kit and first aid kit will help you to care for your animals in the event of a disaster. The evacuation kit should be assembled in an easy-to carry and watertight container.  It should be stored in an easily accessible location away from areas with temperature extremes. Replace the food, water, and medications


DISASTER AWARENESS AND PREPAREDNESS If you have never been through a disaster, it’s difficult to imagine the stress, chaos, and everything that could possibly go wrong, but believe me, having witnessed it firsthand in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina, we all need to be prepared and learn how to best deal with disasters to minimize stress and possible danger to

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