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How dietary fiber helps the intestines maintain health

How dietary fiber helps the intestines maintain health There is a growing body of knowledge on the relationship between gut, dietary fiber, and the microbiome. Here at Lucy Pet, we utilize the extensive knowledge and research of one of the world's leading experts on dietary fiber and gut health Dr. George C. Fahey for our P.B.F Prebiotic Balanced Fiber blend.

The Hero in Your Life

The Hero in Your Life By Rick Rockhill  spacer Over the past decade, I've had the honor of working closely with a wide variety of service dog organizations. I continue to be amazed by what animals can be trained to do for us. From guide dogs for the visually impaired, therapy dogs for veterans and PTSD patients, diabetic alert

Fun Facts about Dogs

Fun Facts about Dogs Do you think you know everything about your furry best friend? Think again! Here are 10 facts about your pup that might surprise you: Your dog is as smart as a two-year-old baby- Ever wonder why babies and dogs get along so well? Well, it’s because they speak the same language and by the language

Clean, Safe, and Simple: Tips for Cleaning a Pup-Inhabited Home

When it comes to dog ownership, there are a couple schools of thought when it comes to keeping things clean. There is, of course, the puppy vacuum method: a tried-and-true trick that merely requires a vigilant pup and dinner scrap spillage. But for those days you want to be a little more proactive about making your house spiffy—while ensuring

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